About Us

To promote health and pleasure through walking as a group

Hill View Bushwalkers has Friday walks from mid-February to mid-November. HVB began in a small way in the early 1970s, growing gradually and retaining a quite informal structure. The spirit of friendship and care that was nurtured in those early years has been maintained, and it is rewarding to be associated with this group. 

The two long-time leaders who had guided the group through its formative years retired in 2006, precipitating significant changes in organisational procedures. Most significantly, we incorporated the group and affiliated with Bushwalking NSW. The evolution of the group continued, and we now have walks at three levels of activity led by members who volunteer to lead walks that appeal to them.

The Plus walking group usually has a walk ranging  from 13 to 20 kilometres, with substantial ascents and descents though the distance may be less in difficult terrain. The Regular walking group will usually walk between 9 and 12 kilometres, with less vigorous climbs. A third group, the EZY walking group, is for those who now find the first two types of walk a bit difficult and wish to walk at a slower pace, with walks of up to 8 kilometres.  Unlike the first two categories which are held weekly, these walks are currently held fortnightly.  Because we walk on Fridays we tend to have a fairly mature membership that includes many part-time workers and retired people.

A weekend away is occasionally arranged to a place where there is low-cost accommodation and good day walks, such as the Snowy Mountains or NSW South Coast.

The program covers six months, starting with a subcommittee preparing a program listing proposed walks. This is then circulated to members, who indicate which walks they are prepared to lead (two leaders to each walk), and when all the gaps are filled the program is finalised and published. Walks are all within reach of a one day trip from the meeting point in Turramurra, enabling us to walk in the Blue Mountains, the Central Coast and Royal National Park areas as well as in Sydney. We usually drive with car pooling, but where possible we use public transport.

An Invitation........

     to come on the track with HVB and here's just a sample of what you might see:

     Some sights are near and some far away but all worth the effort and make a great day.
2019 05 10 EZY Lillian IMG 69002019 03 29 EZYWalk Lilian NewcastleHarbourSign IMG 6058 2

     with mountains and oceans ready to view ......
2019 05 31 Plus Clive Fortress Rock Lookout Medium2019 03 22 Reg DonWo 1112 broken bay entrance

...and forests and creeks a bonus too
2019 03 29 PlusWalk Drina Looking down Heathcote creek from lunchspot2019 04 26 Reg Susan P1100088 resized

    Intriguing scenes and strange sort of tracks all add to the challenge but still bring us back.
2019 05 10 PlusWalk SueS SPBeachfrom MtMitchell 164309 resized 2019 04 26 Plus Sue S 20190426 191246 resized 1

    Peace and tranquillity add to our view and on some occasions, a bit eerie too.
2019 05 10 Reg Anne R P1270381 Copy2019 05 03 Plus Sue S. Mist in Ferndale Park Chatswood2019 05 03 RegWalk Lilian Boats IMG 6672 2

    In weather fair or occasionally foul, we press on regardless and get there somehow2018 07 27 Plus Barb 1530 P1232270 8972019 06 07 PlusWalk WendyC viewoverHawkesburyfromRockyPonds

    Flora and fauna catch our attention with colours and forms so worthy of mention
a2019 08 03 Reg SC P10908812019 5 1 Peter T scribbly gum 20190531 1122032019 5 1 Peter T B ericifolia 20190531 112521

     Creatures that scuttle and some that fly while others so gracefully soar in the sky
2019 08 03 Reg SC P10908822019 06 07 PlusWalk WendyC birdofprey2019 03 08 PlusWalk crab Pete VOt3YDew1

     We're are real social bunch and like our food too and better still when you get a nice view
2019 03 29 Reg HelenA 1212 Best lunch spot so far in 20192019 03 01 RegularPlusWalk Pete lunch panorama P1070849

   Coffee after is really a"must", if leaders dare miss it we make such a fuss.
2018 09 07 Reg Ros 1451 IMG 9047

                        So now then dear viewer, if you like what you see, don't hesitate further come join HVB!

                                                                            Looking forward to welcoming you on the track soon.



Photo Gallery ( in order from the top)
Lilian                                    Newcastle                                EZY                29 March 2019
Lilian                                    Dee Why                                  EZY               10 March 2019
Clive                                    Fortress Rock                        Plus                31 May 2019

Don Wo                               Bangalley Head                       Reg                 22 March 2019

Susan                                 Jack Evans Track                     Reg                 26 April 2019

Drina                                  Heathcote                                 Plus                 29 March 2019

Sue S                                View from Mt Mitchell                Plus                 10 May 2019

Sue S                                Taffy's Rock Track                    Plus                  26 April 2019

Anne R                              Bantry Bay                                Reg                 10 May 2019

Sue S                                Ferndale Park                          Plus                  3 May 2019     

Lilian                                 Sydney Harbour                        Reg                 3 May 2019   

Barbara                           Illawarra Escarpment                Plus                  27 July 2018

Wendy C                         Rocky Ponds                             Plus                  7 June 2019

Peter T                           Banksia Ericifolia                        Reg                  31 May 2019

Susan                             Interesting White Flowers          Reg                   8 March 2019

Peter T                           Scribbly Gum                             Reg                   31 May 2019

Susan                            Crab                                           Reg                    8 March 2019

Susan                           Blue Triangle Butterflies             Reg                    8 March 2019

Wendy C                       Bird of Prey-Rocky Ponds         Plus                    7 June 2019

Pete                             Lunch Cooks River                      Reg/Plus           1 March 2019

Helen A                       Lunch Middle Harbour                  Reg                   29 March 2019

Ros G                          Coffee                                          Reg                   7 September 2018



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