Hill View Bushwalkers has Friday walks from mid-February to mid-November. HVB began in a small way in the early 1970s, growing gradually and retaining a quite informal structure. The spirit of friendship and care that was nurtured in those early years has been maintained, and it is rewarding to be associated with this group. 

We are an incorporated group affiliated with Bushwalking NSW. We have walks at three levels of activity led by members who volunteer to lead walks that appeal to them.

The Plus walking group usually has a walk ranging from 14 to 20 kilometres, with substantial ascents and descents though the distance may be less in difficult terrain.

The Regular walking group will usually walk between 8 and 13 kilometres, with less vigorous climbs.

A third group, the EZY walking group, is for those who now find the first two types of walk a bit difficult and wish to walk at a slower pace, with walks of up to 8 kilometres.  These walks are currently held fortnightly. 

We tend to have a fairly mature membership that includes many part-time workers and retired people.

A weekend away is occasionally arranged to a place where there is low-cost accommodation and good day walks, such as the Snowy Mountains or NSW South Coast.

Members have two six-month programs each year, providing a weekly walk from mid February until mid November.

Development of each program  starts with a subcommittee preparing a list of proposed walks. This is then circulated to members, who indicate which walks they are prepared to lead (two leaders to each walk). When all the gaps are filled the program is finalised and published. Walks are all within reach of a one day trip from the meeting point in Turramurra, enabling us to walk in the Blue Mountains, the Central Coast and Royal National Park areas as well as in Sydney.

The number of participants is not limited (unless by COVID restrictions) and leaders make arrangements to ensure all walkers are included.

Every walk has two First Aiders nominated.  First Aid training is encouraged by a substantial subsidy towards the cost.

The leaders walk the track shortly before leading a group in order to ensure the conditions are suitable.

If the advertised walk needs to be modified, or leaders judge that participants need more information, then a WALKS ADVISORY is issued.

We usually drive with car pooling, but where possible we use public transport.

We are COVID safe. Our program and procedure is modified in response to COVID restrictions as appropriate.


Take a walk with HVB

Before Setting Off

2023 06 30 Reg HelenA 0933 Two left after the briefing it is going to be wet52023 08 04 EZY HelenA 0925

Briefing on a wet day - Regular Walk - 8 Sept 2023, Helen A                Grand Concourse - EZY Walk 4 Aug 2023, Helen A

On the Track

 2023 09 29 Ezy Trina 7. Paths and bridges well made2023 09 08 Reg DavidS 012213807

   Paths and bridges - EZY Walk, 29 Sept 2023, Drina                 Fine or wet weather - Regular Walk, 8 Sept 2023, Helen A

A Nice Spot for Morning Tea and Lunch is Desirable
2023 09 29 Ezy trina 5. Morning tea stop23 09 15 Plus Hazel P9153554

       Morning tea - EZY Walk, 29 Sept 2023, Drina                          Lunch with view to Dangar Island - Plus Walk 15 Sept 2023, Hazel

Some Good Views are a Bonus

2023 09 29 Ezy Trina 2. Interesting sculpture2023 09 22 Plus PeterT 094525

Interesting sculpture - EZY Walk, 29 Sept 2023, Drina                       View to Apple Tree Bay - Plus Walk - 22 Sept 2023, Peter T

Sometimes a Challenge

2023 09 29 RegularWalk DavidS PXL 20230929 0150219382023 09 29 RegularWalk DavidS PXL 20230929 0150316732023 09 29 Plus Nick S DSC02726
        Long way up - Regular Walk, 29 Sept 2023, David S                             Rock scramble - Plus Walk, 29 Sept 2023, Nick S                                                                  

Visiting Places of Interest

23 09 15 Plus Hazel P91536392023 09 22 Plus PeterT 0926432023 09 22 Plus PeterT 092759

Pindars Cave - Plus Walk - 15 Sept 2023, Hazel                             Rock carvings - Plus Walk -15 Sept 2023, Peter T

2023 08 04 EZY HelenA 12032023 08 18 Plus Peter T 115227 1

Endeavour replica - EZY Walk, 4 Aug 2023, Helen A                         Fairy Falls - Plus Walk 18 Aug 2023, Peter T

Lots of flowers and beauty on the way

23 09 15 Plus Hazel P915349423 09 15 Plus Hazel P915351523 09 15 Plus Hazel P915355723 09 15 Plus Hazel P9153505

                                                                               Plus Walk - 15 Sept 2023, Hazel

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