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To promote health and pleasure through walking as a group

Like most organisations in 2020, Hill View Bushwalkers has more than one existential state - the normal normal and the current normal. Both need to be noted in order to understand what our group is like and whether you wish to be part of it. Both  states are described in the following paragraphs. 


Hill View Bushwalkers has Friday walks from mid-February to mid-November. HVB began in a small way in the early 1970s, growing gradually and retaining a quite informal structure. The spirit of friendship and care that was nurtured in those early years has been maintained, and it is rewarding to be associated with this group. 

The two long-time leaders who had guided the group through its formative years retired in 2006, precipitating significant changes in organisational procedures. Most significantly, we incorporated the group and affiliated with Bushwalking NSW. The evolution of the group continued, and we now have walks at three levels of activity led by members who volunteer to lead walks that appeal to them.

The Plus walking group usually has a walk ranging  from 13 to 20 kilometres, with substantial ascents and descents though the distance may be less in difficult terrain. The Regular walking group will usually walk between 9 and 12 kilometres, with less vigorous climbs. A third group, the EZY walking group, is for those who now find the first two types of walk a bit difficult and wish to walk at a slower pace, with walks of up to 8 kilometres.  Unlike the first two categories which are held weekly, these walks are currently held fortnightly.  Because we walk on Fridays we tend to have a fairly mature membership that includes many part-time workers and retired people.

A weekend away is occasionally arranged to a place where there is low-cost accommodation and good day walks, such as the Snowy Mountains or NSW South Coast.

Members have two six-month programs each year, providing a weekly walk from mid February until mid November. Development of each program  starts with a subcommittee preparing a list of proposed walks. This is then circulated to members, who indicate which walks they are prepared to lead (two leaders to each walk). When all the gaps are filled the program is finalised and published. Walks are all within reach of a one day trip from the meeting point in Turramurra, enabling us to walk in the Blue Mountains, the Central Coast and Royal National Park areas as well as in Sydney. We usually drive with car pooling, but where possible we use public transport.


Covid-19 has wrought havoc on our activities, and the program was suspended after the 13 March walk. The ban on car-pooling, after-walk coffee groups, and walking in close proximity all made it just too hard to continue. Many members continued  to walk, of course, but in tiny groups of 2 or 3, and the editorial group continued to provide a weekly addition to the website. Besides the attractive (and attracting!) photos from some of these expeditions, the weekly page has provided such diverse goodies as links to a virtual tour of the Smithsonian Museum, photos of members looking quite young but using antique gear, and a quiz on eucalypt identification.

Needless to say, members were altogether frustrated by the current normal, and were anxious for it to go away. Fortunately, following  the recent easing of restrictions, we have now reached a stage where our normal walking program has been resumed but is subject to the following restrictions:

1.      No walks using public transport to travel to and from the walk but the use of public transport to travel from the                     starting point to the finishing point of a walk or vice versa, is now permitted.

2.      Car pooling is allowed if members are comfortable sharing vehicles with other members as are car shuffles between              the starting and finishing points of a walk.

3.     Most walks will be within the Sydney Metropolitan area or on the Central Coast.  

4.      The number of walkers permitted may exceed thirty but two sub-groups (one with each of the two co-leaders) will be           established if more than 30 walkers). 

5.      Social distancing is to be observed at all times on each walk.

6.      Changes have been made to ensure a contactless sign-on procedure at the start of each walk. 

From our walk reports: 

The July-November 2020 semester - a
 time of COVID.

The first day:
Regular Walk: Manly Dam

'There are 39 of us, so we will split into 2 groups ... social distancing ...'     
                            Photo: Ros. 

Plus Walk: Elvina Bay/Lovett Bay/Towlers Bay Circuit.
2020 11 06 Plus Barbara R P1010155 1 Small2020 11 06 Plus Barbara C 101158 Small2020 11 06 Plus Barbara R P1010163 Small
Birnie Lookout, amongst the Xanthorrhoea, creek crossing.                                                                     Photos:  Barb R (1,3),  Barb C (2).

Regular Walk: Callicoma Circuit

2020 10 02 Regular Pete R P10407982020 10 02 Regular Chris McA 20201002 095916 3
Bush track, rock overhang with walkers - there's always one joker.                                                                      Photos: Pete, Chris McA .

2 EZY Walks: Bray's Reserve to Yarralla House, Berry/Island Wollstonecraft. 
2020 10 23 EZY Peter R P10500622020 09 11 EZY Anne R 2020 09 11 EZY Pauline IMG 6084
The Watergate at Rivendell House circa 1893, Barangaroo a work-in-progress and some history.                Photos: Pete, Anne R, Pauline.

Morning Tea and Lunch spots: Must have a view.
2020 11 13 PlusWalk Pauline morning tea IMG 63572020 09 11 Plus Peter T 20200911 103657 
2 morning teas in Duffy's Forest: Above Cowan Creek; beside Smith's Creek - a 'landscape with logs'.                 Photos: Pauline, Peter.

Seen from the track: Flora ....
2020 07 17 Plus WendyC 42020 09 04 PlusWalk Deidre waratahs 1316242020 08 07 Reg Lyn IMG 12672020 09 04 PlusWalk SueS ascentthroughtheflowersfromAmericaBay 173717 resized
Angophora on the Postman's Track Patonga; Waratah, Boronia and wildflower variety on West Head. Photos: Wendy C, Deidre, Lyn, Sue S.

... and fauna
2020 09 04 PlusWalk PeterT Aboriginalengravings 084101 2020 10 09 Plus Steve 20200921 134741 resize2020 09 18 RegWalk PeteR pelican F046qzXg2020 09 18 RegWalk PeteR birdsoverwater oP5XNBhw
Aboriginal carving at West Head, a baby echnidna by Middle Harbour Creek, and birds at Woy Woy.          Photos: Peter, Steve, Pete(3,4).

2 spring walks in the Blue Mountains: Shaws Ridge and Blue Gum Swamp, Euroka Clearing and Nepean River
2020 09 25 Plus Hazel P1900713 22020 09 25 Plus Hazel P1900807 22020 09 11 Reg Lydia Euroka Track2020 09 11 Reg don wo Eutaxia xanthorrhoea homo sapiens2020 09 11 Reg don wo glimpse of the Nepean2020 09 11 Reg don wo first gold on Euroka track
Clockwise from left: Walking under Blue Gums, the Swamp; then the Euroka track and a glimpse of the Nepean.       
                                                                                                                                                   Photos: Hazel (1,2), Lydia (3), Don Wo (4-6).

End of semester BBQ at Bobbin Head2020 11 20 BBQpicnic Barbara HVB
Social Distancing not required for people who travelled in the same car.                                                                     Photo: Barb R.

Refections .... 
2020 10 09 Plus Peter 20201009 093606 resize2020 10 09 Plus Peter 20201009 1006142020 10 09 Plus Peter 20201009 103858  
...and on the July-November 2020 semester?  'walking as a group promoted our health and pleasure'                         Photos: Peter.

Walk Program for 03 July - 04 September 2020

Walk Program for September - November 2020

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