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To promote health and pleasure through walking as a group

Hill View Bushwalkers has Friday walks from mid-February to mid-November. HVB began in a small way in the early 1970s, growing gradually and retaining a quite informal structure. The spirit of friendship and care that was nurtured in those early years has been maintained, and it is rewarding to be associated with this group.

The two long-time leaders who had guided the group through its formative years retired in 2006, precipitating significant changes in organisational procedures. Most significantly, we incorporated the group and affiliated with Bushwalking NSW. The evolution of the group continued, and we now have walks at three levels of activity led by members who volunteer to lead walks that appeal to them.

The most active group usually has a walk of about 15 kilometres, sometimes up to 18 kilometres, with substantial ascents and descents. The regular walking group will usually walk for 8-12 kilometres, with less vigorous climbs. A third group, the EZY walking group, is for those who now find the first two types of walk a bit difficult and wish to walk at a slower pace. Unlike the first two categories which are held weekly, these walks are currently held fortnightly.  Because we walk on Fridays we tend to have a fairly mature membership that includes many part-time workers and retired people.

A weekend away is occasionally arranged to a place where there is low-cost accommodation and good day walks, such as the Snowy Mountains or NSW South Coast.

The program covers six months, starting with a subcommittee preparing a draft program listing proposed walks. This draft is circulated to members, who indicate which walks they are prepared to lead (two leaders to each walk), and when all the gaps are filled the program is finalised and published. Walks are all within reach of a one day trip from the meeting point in Turramurra, enabling us to walk in the Blue Mountains, the Central Coast and Royal National Park areas as well as in Sydney. We usually drive with car pooling, but where possible we use public transport.

Our walks have a Start, Morning Tea and Lunch breaks, a Finish and then Coffee. In the intervals, we walk.
Here are some images from the last six months:


2018 09 14 Reg Christine McA 20180914 091936
Ready to go, but first the obligatory photo.

2018 07 06 EZY Helen A 09452018 07 13 ATW Susan C briefing
The EZY walkers disembarking at Thirroul Station.          And out of the cars, an All Together group finding it a little chilly at the Strickland State Forest.

It's surprising how often the instruction is to 'Pull up a rock' ...2018 07 06 RegularWalk Peter morningtea 103537 41 442
Above:Cruwee Cove,LaPerouse
Below: (1) overlooking Wisemans Ferry, and (2) Ikara Head in the Upper Grose Valley.

2018 08 31 Regular Pete wisemans panorama P1050639

2018 08 10 Plus Peter T M T above Darling Causeway2018 08 31 Regular Chris McA lunch view 20180831 123249

2018 08 10 Plus Peter T from near end of Ikara Head

But sometimes we lunch in the city ...
2018 09 07 Reg Pete P1050775
Here at Woolloomooloo Bay opposite the Finger Wharf.

Twice a year we have a BBQ ...
2018 06 29 RichmondHeritageWalkandBBQ Deidre lunch2 DSCN5845
Always asking, 'Who is driving?'.


Still more rocks ...
2018 07 27 Plus Drina 1521 8. Bert and Steve getting to bottom of the ladders  2018 05 18 Plus Lindy Clive leads us all up and over the cliff. Many helping hands allowed us all to get over the ledge. Copy
We climb down the faces of cliffs, and clamber up over boulders.

2018 08 17 Reg SueS Through the rocks 20180817 130545 cropped2018 9 28 Regular Chris McA swing bridge 20180928 111541 cropped2018 08 10 RegularWalk Pete Walkersonbridge P1050190 croppeda
We cross rocky creeks... sometimes with a helping hand, sometimes with a head for heights and sometimes  with no worries at all.

Our leaders often take the trouble to prepare notes on points of interest on the track ...
2018 06 29 RichmondHeritageWalkandBBQ Lilian JillandRhondda IMG 2669 2 croppedOn the left: A heritage house in Richmond.
Below: Reading from 'Kangaroo' at theThirroul  house rented by D H Lawrence
2018 07 06 EZY Ros 8808 cropped


Leaders may ask a quiz question ... and especially kind ones provide a treat as a prize
2018 09 21 Plus Drina 6. Claude and Clive dividing the chocolate Medium
The winner never fails to share. Here the two largest men on the track partition the chocolate. Who's to argue?


Sometimes it has been a long day ...
31 08 31 PlusWalk Deidre headingbacktothecars DSCN59442018 7 20 Reg Pete cowan trail SmallP1040837
... But for those so inclined, there is always a conversation.
Above: (1) On the Six Foot Track and (2) the Cowan Trail
Below: Returning to Bundeena
2018 06 15 Plus SueS 1239 Returning to Bundeena across the windswept heath


2018 09 07 Reg Ros 1451 IMG 90472018 09 28 Plus Drina9. Pleasant coffee in Gosford

Photo credits:
Christine McA (Lane Cove NP, 14 September, R)
Helen A (Thirroul, 6 July, E)
Susan (Strickland State Forest, 13 July, A)
Pete (La Perouse, 6 July, R)
Pete (Wiseman's Ferry, 31 August R)
Peter T (Blue Mountains, 10 August, P)
Christine McA (Wiseman's Ferry, 31 August, R)
Peter T (Blue Mountains, 10 August, P)
Pete (Woolloomooloo Bay, 7 September, R)
Deidre (Richmond, 29 June, BBQ)
Drina (Austinmer Escarpment, 27 July,P)
Lyndy (Bouddi NP, 18 May, P)
Sue S (Ku-ring-gai NP, 17 August, R)
Christine McA ( Piles Creek, 28 September, R)
Pete (Auburn Botanical Gardens, 10 August, R)
Lilian (Richmond, 29 June, A)
Ros (Thirroul, 6 July, E)
Drina (Lake Macquarie, 21 September, P)
Deidre (Megalong Valley, 31 August, P)
Pete (Duffy's Forest, 20 July, R)
Sue S (Bundeena, 15 June, P)
Ros (Circular Quay, 7 September, R)
Drina (Gosford, 28 September, P)


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