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To promote health and pleasure through walking as a group

Hill View Bushwalkers has Friday walks from mid-February to mid-November. HVB began in a small way in the early 1970s, growing gradually and retaining a quite informal structure. The spirit of friendship and care that was nurtured in those early years has been maintained, and it is rewarding to be associated with this group. 

The two long-time leaders who had guided the group through its formative years retired in 2006, precipitating significant changes in organisational procedures. Most significantly, we incorporated the group and affiliated with Bushwalking NSW. The evolution of the group continued, and we now have walks at three levels of activity led by members who volunteer to lead walks that appeal to them.

The Plus walking group usually has a walk ranging  from 13 to 20 kilometres, with substantial ascents and descents though the distance may be less in difficult terrain. The Regular walking group will usually walk between 9 and 12 kilometres, with less vigorous climbs. A third group, the EZY walking group, is for those who now find the first two types of walk a bit difficult and wish to walk at a slower pace, with walks of up to 8 kilometres.  Unlike the first two categories which are held weekly, these walks are currently held fortnightly.  Because we walk on Fridays we tend to have a fairly mature membership that includes many part-time workers and retired people.

A weekend away is occasionally arranged to a place where there is low-cost accommodation and good day walks, such as the Snowy Mountains or NSW South Coast.

The program covers six months, starting with a subcommittee preparing a program listing proposed walks. This is then circulated to members, who indicate which walks they are prepared to lead (two leaders to each walk), and when all the gaps are filled the program is finalised and published. Walks are all within reach of a one day trip from the meeting point in Turramurra, enabling us to walk in the Blue Mountains, the Central Coast and Royal National Park areas as well as in Sydney. We usually drive with car pooling, but where possible we use public transport.

During the last two years we have walked in no less than seventeen national parks around Sydney as well as six reserves, two state conservation areas and not forgetting our exploration of local suburban areas.                          At the same time we have enjoyed getting to know the flora, fauna, geology and history of our beautiful city and surrounds.

Botany Bay NP 2019 06 05 Reg DonW wild solander coast
                                                 2019 06 05 Reg Claude IMG 2330 Copy









Above Bound for Botany Bay!

   Right Wild Solander coast



 Popran NP                                                                                                   2019 10 18 NickS emerald pool IMG 5456


   2019 10 18 Don Wo yellow bloodwood 3 P1070779

   Above Yellow bloodwood blossom   

   Left Emerald Pool  




Brisbane Waters NP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               2019 09 27 Plus Peter T 20190927 0807272019 09 27 Plus Sue S 20190927 104957 resized

           Above Fungi                                                                                      Above Pindar Cave with ceiling blackened by camp fires


    Blue Mountains NP2019 08 23 Plus AnneR P1280222 Copy

   2019 08 23 Plus Hazel P1810601 Copy







                                                         Above Double-barred finches

  Left  The view over Sydney and the "new" railway line from our   morning tea spot






Marramarra NP                                                                2019 08 02 Reg Ros IMG 2411 Small

 2019 08 02 Reg Lilian IMG 7620











Above A tenacious tree                                                                                                                                    Right A great lunch spot with views down to the Hawkesbury River                                                                                                                                                       



2019 5 31 Drina 10. Looking at Aboriginal Engravings  Ku-Ring-Gai NP

2019 5 31 Drina 8. Engraving 1








        Left Admiring the aboriginal rock engravings


                                            Above One of the engravings








Lane Cove NP  2019 05 03 Plus Sue S. Water feature 


2019 05 03 Plus Sue S. Eriostemon australasius










                         Above Eriostemon australasius

                         Right Waterfall in Ferndale Park, Chatswood




Heathcote NP                                                                                                                                                                                    2019 03 29 PlusWalk Drina Morning tea near Kingfisher Pool 



   2019 03 29 PlusWalk RockFormation DeidreDSCN6045







       Left Morning tea ...

                   Above ... amid the rock formations






Dharug NP

2018 08 31 Regular Pete wisemans panorama P1050639                                           The incomparable view of the Hawkesbury/MacDonald Confluence - always different, always gorgeous

Garigal NP         2018 07 20 Plus Wendy C cid 9855AD64 FB9B 44D2 89C8 D4995E5B1E94 Medium
2018 07 20 Plus Wendy C cid 10E740AD B65B 4E0E 9CC2 5CB92DFC2EA3

                                     Above Boronia ledifolia                                                                                             Above Scrambling down the creek along rock ledges

Royal NP  2018 06 15 Reg Drina Stunning coastline Copy 

  2018 06 15 Reg Barbara17 P1190464 Copy











                                                                                        Above A bit of a whale!

                                       Right Stunning coastline 


                               Munmorah State Conservation Area 2019 09 29 Regular Drina 10 All shapes Copy 12019 09 29 Regular Lilian IMG 8301













                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Above A grass tree - it takes all shapes

Right Contemplating the creek crossing




Bidjigal Reserve                                                                                                                                              Auburn Botanic Gardens

2019 05 24 RegPlus PeterR 2Bf791gm Copy

   2018 08 10 RegularWalk Pete Walkersonbridge P1050190









                                                                                   Above Crossing the creek                                                                                         Right Walkers on the bridge

2018 08 31 Regular John G coffee IMG 9020

And whatever the national park or other area there is always time for coffee afterwards




Photos: Claude (1), Don Wo (2,4), Nick S (3), Peter T (5), Sue S (6, 13, 14), Anne R (7), Hazel (8), Lilian (9, 23), Ros (10), Drina (11, 12, 15, 21, 22), Deidre (16), Pete (17, 25), Wendy C (18,19), Barbara (20), Pete (24), John G (26) 


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