Jan-Jun 2018

After an uncertain start, the regular walk proceeded with four very enthusiastic walkers. After a quick morning tea, we headed to The Balconies and were rewarded by the sight of a number of whales (and the plus walkers). Along the sandy walk to Shelley beach we spotted some Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos and a number of New Holland honey birds. At Shelley Beach we saw more whales, one spectacular breaching. Barbara took the opportunity to cool her feet in the water. The path then took us alongside a ridge above the sea and many amazing rock formations. We crossed paths with the Ezy walkers before stopping at Jibbon Head for lunch. The group agreed that we should aim for the 2pm ferry so we had a quick look at the aboriginal rock carvings and then headed back to Bundeena across a very windy and sandy beach. There was even time for a take-away coffee before the ferry arrived. A most enjoyable walk.

2018 06 5 Reg Barbara1                                                                                                       The three walking groups boarding the ferry at Cronulla

                                   2018 06 5 Reg Barbara3 P1190454  2018 06 5 Reg Barbara4 P1190458                                                                                          Bundeena - park art plus Tim, Lydia & Drina                                                  Bundeena backyard art

                                           2018 06 15 Reg Barbara17 P1190464 Copy  2018 06 15 Reg Drina Reluctantly leaving the whale sightings at the Balconies Copy                                                                                                            A bit of a whale!                                                  Reluctantly leaving the whale sightings at the Balconies

                                      2018 06 5 Reg Barbara7 P1232272 355  2018 06 5 Reg Barbara6 P1190470                                                                                                        New Holland honeyeater                                                                          Banksia ericifolia

                                   2018 06 5 Reg Barbara8 P1232272 366  2018 06 5 Reg Barbara9 P1190487                                                                                               Jibbon Head Track wattle                                                                           White faced heron at Jibbon Head

2018 06 15 Reg Drina Stunning coastline Copy                                                                                            Stunning coastline

2018 06 15 Reg Drina Rock formation Copy                                                                                            Rock formation

                     2018 06 5 Reg Barbara12 P1232272 397  2018 06 5 Reg Barbara13 P1232272 398                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Aboriginal engraving site

                   2018 06 15 Reg Drina The beach before the wind got up Copy  2018 06 15 Reg Barbara15 P1232272 407                                           The beach before the wind got up                                                                                    "Bundeena House": built on Gunnamatta Bay in 1910;
                                                                                                                                                                    re-assembled at Bundeena 1956 as a guesthouse

Walkers: Drina, Barbara, Lydia and Tim.

Words: Drina. Photos: Barbara (1-4, 6-9 12, 13, 15) and Drina (5, 10, 11, 14)


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