Jan-Jun 2018

2018 06 22 Plus Clive Kings Tableland Lions Head on the far right           Kings Tableland - from the valley floor! We were walking along the top, to Lion Head on the far right. Photo from Clive (in an earlier life).

A day of brilliant weather saw 20 enthusiastic walkers experience a new walk. We were enthralled by the display of a flock of yellow-tailed black 
cockatoos in the trees at the meeting point, before we had taken a single step!

2018 06 22 Plus Don cold group waiting at Karuah for carpool 2018 06 22 Plus Don briefing
Typical group, waiting in the cold at Karuah for the carpool Briefing at track-head - sunny and almost warm!

After a 3 km walk along a well-graded fire trail through eucalypt forest, we split into 2 groups for the bush section of the walk.
It was only another 3 km out to Lions Head, but the track provided a variety of challenges and required a lot more concentration.The initial
narrow uphill track gave way to a rocky, uneven track as it levelled out and proceeded through low shrubs which crowded the track.

It wasn't long before we reached the first lookout over the Kedumba Valley, with some fog still floating in the sea of green. A short walk later
we stopped for morning tea on a rocky outcrop with magnificent views.

The track then loosely followed the escarpment, with glimpses of the valley from precipitous ledges, interesting bush and rock platforms as we
trekked up hill and down dale.

2018 06 22 Plus Wendy C first view of kedumba valley 2018 06 22 Plus Don morning tea with a view
First view of Kedumba Valley Morning tea with a view

2018 06 22 Plus Anne R leaving the morning tea site 2018 06 22 Plus Don group 1 admiring view
Heading off after morning tea Admiring the view

2018 06 22 Plus Don mt solitary etc from near morn tea And what a view! Mt Solitary and other scenic wonders.

2018 06 22 Plus Don the track was faint in places 2018 06 22 Plus Wendy C bush track challenge 2018 06 22 Plus Wendy C beginning of lion head track
The track was faint and hard to follow.... It was steep and rocky.... This is where it joins the firetrail.
A final steep ascent to Lion Head was rewarded by wide ranging views to Mt Jelore, Mt Mouin and many other points of interest.

2018 06 22 Plus Don pan view from lionhead Panorama from Lion Head

2018 06 22 Plus Wendy C gp2 at lion head 2018 06 22 Plus Don group 1 on lionhead
Group 2... and Group 1, at Lion Head

2018 06 22 Plus Don clive can and cairn on lion head 2018 06 22 Plus Don more of kings tableland seen from lion head
Clive, can and cairn on Lion Head. We left a HVB entry in the log. More of the Tableland seen from Lion Head.
2018 06 22 Plus Chris mca lion head from approach route 2018 06 22 Plus Chris mca wendy p with acacia
Fabulous view of Lion Head from our approach route Wendy with wattle

We then re-traced our steps to the cars before some walkers stopped for a late coffee at the Lapstone Hotel on the way back home.

2018 06 22 Plus Sue S Banksia spinulosa Hairpin banksia 2018 06 22 Plus Sue S Darwinia taxifolia at AM tea 2018 06 22 Plus Sue S Dew on slowly opening Patersonia longifolia Native Iris. Note twisted blue green leaves 094740 1 2018 06 22 Plus Sue S Lambertia formosa Mountain Devil
Banksia spinulosa Darwinia taxifolia Patersonia longifolia Lambertia formosa 
 A note from the photographer: 'It was of special interest to see Darwinia taxifolia near where we had MT, as this small plant has restricted distribution in the Central Blue Mtns. It is the more common Darwinia fascicularis that is widespread in coastal heath and sandstone plateaus.'   

2018 06 22 Plus Wendy C way home on firetrail
Consensus: challenging but worthwhile. (Hear! Hear! Ed.)

Leaders: Clive and Wendy C. First aid officers: Kurt, and Mary.
Group 1 walkers: Elaine E, Chris McA, Dawn, Bert,Wendy P, Guenter, Vreni, Don Wo
Group 2 walkers: Don B,John D’C, Martin, Barbara, Anne R, Sue S, Lyn, one visitor.

Photos: Clive (1), Anne R (6), Sue S (19,20,21,22), Wendy (4,10,11,13,23), Don (2,3,7,8,9,12,14,15,16), Christine MacA (17,18)

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