G'day with a short coverage of our satisfying meander through Pennant Hills Park for 2 ½ hours from 1030 and then another couple of hours of first class

hospitality at the abode of Faye - to enjoy not only a tasteful afternoon tea but a walk down memory lane, correction, memory tracks, and associated activities that have captured the enthusiasm of many of us over the last quarter of a century.
There were 10 souls who faced the largely overcast dry day with temps towards 20oC and beautiful sunshine at lunchtime, and nil wind - Lyn and Helen S at the helm with Elaine G, Elizabeth, Diana M, Dorothy, Jean M, Norma and Ray, and Don W. The latter was most welcome (males are scarce on Social walks) and he deliberately was on track with his draft 'history' of HVB (coming along very nicely it is too by the look of it!) to garner some missing names etc. to photos and check on some text details as he fine-tunes the massive task he has undertaken. HVB is extremely fortunate to have Donald volunteering to write the history of HVB for posterity.
Noel and Pat were not with us - they experienced an unexpected air-bag incident, apparently.

OooRoo with very best wishes to each of you.
Report by Ray.  

Some took the high track to morning tea.....                

2015 06 12 Social walk Ray 01


....But we all took the safe tracks and avoided the hazards

2015 06 12 Social walk Ray 3

2015 06 12 Social walk Ray 2