Jan-Jun 2016

"How pleasant it is to find new areas in Sydney not yet explored by our walkers! Ten of us set off in doubtful weather from Summer Hill to follow the course of Hawthorne Canal to Iron Cove.
After a short walk from the station we began to wander down the narrow section shaded by young fig trees before reaching the open area of parkland. It was easy to appreciate the work that has gone into establishment of this area and the clean-up of the canal. We continued to Iron Cove, crossed to the other side and returned upstream to the delightful Cafe Bones for some delicious coffee and tea. Our walk was almost over here as it was just a short walk to Hawthorne Station.
A delightful day - and no rain!"

Start of walk at Summer Hill Station
2016 04 08 Soc Ray DSCN4902a

Our route along the canal, on the left hand side initially. The light rail is the dotted black line. The complete walk goes from Cooks River to Iron Cove - a great concept.
2016 04 08 Soc Ray DSCN4905a2016 04 08 Soc Ray DSCN4906a
What kind of fish life are these little 5-6" critters? Prolific bird life along the canal - even a willy-wagtail and a peewit. Pictured is a White-faced Heron.
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Extensive recreation area to West of canal - 8 basketball courts, tennis courts, recently installed exercise stations - all well maintained.
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Cafe Bones. [Some discussion about whether to issue a Seal of Approval?]
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Pupa - and Dogacinnos                                                                                                                        Ray's mugga

2016 04 08 Soc Ray DSCN4960a2016 04 08 Soc Ray DSCN4962a

                                                                                            Happy 'Canal Cruisers' at Cafe Bones
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                                                                                                          [The photographer himself is in the picture.]

2016 04 08 Soc Ray DSCN4964a

For the record: Leaders Lyn, Helen S and Mary were followed by Dot, Margaret B, Norma, Jean M, Pat U, Noel and Ray.


Words by Lyn, photos and captions by Ray. [Mary snapped Ray with the group.]


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