After a wet day for the first recce last year, then a complete washout on the scheduled walk day, and so-so weather on a partial recce a couple of weeks ago, we were blessed with a perfect day for this coastal walk with full sun, a gentle westerly breeze, and a glittering blue sea. Gathering at the Lakes Beach Surf Club, most walkers managed to restrain themselves from visiting the adjacent coffee shop while the leaders arranged the short car shuffle to get us all to the starting point at Pelican Beach.

After a good walk along hard sand we stopped of at the Soldiers Point Surf Club for a morning tea stop, and from a great vantage point in front of the Club watched the surfers enjoying some good waves. From there we walked on to have a quick look at the Norah Head Lighthouse and noted the large number of shipwrecks that have occurred along this part of the coast. Some are described in plaques at a near-by lookout, with the most recent only about 50 years ago. Waves breaking over numerous reefs well off the coast looked spectacular, but served as a reminder of the dangers to unwary or unlucky shipping in this part of the world. 

From the lighthouse car park there is a lovely walk along a well maintained track through healthy bush with intermittent glimpses of the bays and beaches to the north. We then had a less interesting street walk through the village to a well equipped lunch spot overlooking the sparkling sea. After lunch there was a little more street walking, and finally another good walk along hard sand to the Lakes Beach Surf Club and this time everyone indulged their preference for refreshment. The car shuffle drivers had to wait for theirs, as they did their thing while the others ordered and waited and helped café staff match up the orders with the orderers.

                                                                           Walking on Pelican Beach2016 05 27 Altogether Barbara P1540492 1


                    Morning Tea Entertainment                                            

2016 05 27 Altogether Don morning tea entertainment 2016 05 27 Altogether Deidre 104633


             Norah Head Lighthouse

2016 05 27 Altogether Barbara P1540496 1


                                                                           In memory of Merchant Mariners lost in time of War


2016 05 27 Altogether Deidre 105550



 Sue B talks about the lighthouse history





                                          A VERY tiny sand crab, Lakes Beach2016 05 27 Altogether Barbara P1540499A coastal view after morning tea                                                                            End of walk coffee at Lakes Beach Cafe

2016 05 27 Altogether Susan P1300009 2016 05 27 Altogether Don coffee afterwards                                   











 Don W and Sue B led seventeen walkers, Bert, Lea, Wendy P, Barbara,  Vreni, Deidre, Judy W, Andy K, Sue K, Ida, Nick, Chris McA, Chris B, Don B,  Susan and Maurice C, Pragati.

 Photos by Barbara (1 ,4, 6), Deidre (3, 5), Don W (2, 8), Susan (7).

 Words by Don W.