Jan-Jun 2016


Heavy fog, drizzle and a chilly seven degrees greeted the four car loads of walkers who arrived at the meeting place in Centennial Glen Road.  Tea and coffee standing around the cars was very welcome and none of the sixteen walkers seemed to be in a hurry to set off. 

The decision was made to start the walk with the leaders deciding if it was too wet and slippery we would return.  As the track wound down into the gully along Walls Ledge the mist lifted and the beautiful Kanimbla Valley came into sight.  We were delighted to see the valley as the views from the top were shrouded with fog.  Morning tea was enjoyed before descending the steep steps down the side of the exposed Slippery Dip waterfall.   All walkers negotiated the wet and foot worn steps with the use of the metal handrail essential.  At the base of the falls the walkers crossed Centennial Glen Creek by carefully working their way across the boulders where we rejoined the track.  We were now on Colliers Causeway with overhanging cliffs on the right and the Kanimbla Valley opening out on our left.  We continued along Colliers Causeway until we crossed a stream where we started the zig zag climb up Porters Pass which is one of the oldest tracks in the Blue Mountains dating back to 1888.  After a short street walk we then continued on a fire trail heading south along the top of the escarpment.  We found a crop of exposed rocks where all walkers happily stopped for lunch with more views of the valley below.  Continuing after lunch we arrived at a rocky outcrop known as Fort Rock before descending steeply back into the gully to Centennial Glen.  The track follows a narrow ledge under the cliffs walking behind Centennial Falls.  We soon arrived at the steps up to Centennial Glen Road and the cars. 

All sixteen walkers enjoyed the day and incredibly the predicted rain held off.   

Thank you very much, John G for assisting with transport on the walk.


                                                                                                             Looking down on the Kanimbla Valley

2016 06 03 Plus Barbara P1232157 847


                              Drinks stop at Walls Ledge                                                                                                                      Descent to Colliers Causeway leading to Porters Pass

a2016 06 03 Plus Deidre IMG 56392016 06 03 Plus Sue S IMG 3967










                        On Colliers Causeway                                                                                                                       Red Common Sundew ( Drosera Spathulata)at Walls Ledge                 2016 06 03 Plus Sue S Red Common Sundew IMG 3683

a2016 06 03 Deidre DSCN2536

               Colourful temporary footware repairs!                                                                                                                          Surveying the walkers from the top of Fort Rock

2016 06 03 Plus Ros G IMG 5680 22016 06 03 Plus Deidre IMG 7990







        Approaching Fort Rock before descending into Centennial Glen

a2016 06 03 Plus Deidre IMG 5690 

 Deidre and Sue S led fourteen walkers, Sue B, Kas, Bert, Kurt, Nick, Margaret and Claude, Clive, Ros, Vreni, Barbara, Lyn and two visitors

 Words by Deidre.                                                                                                                                  

 Photos by Barbara (1), Sue S (3, 5), Ros G (2, 6, 8), Deidre (4), Visitor (7)













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