Perfect sunny day for the walk loops around the Wetland, Red Gum, Burrawang, Link and Lillypilly Tracks which form part of the largest remaining stand of coastal rainforest on the Central Coast.
This was a very pleasant wander through rainforest, wetlands and native bush and views over Tuggerah Lake were enjoyed by all. The highlights were the many tall trees with much lively conflicting banter held regarding the Cabbage Tree Palm tree ferns in abundance in the area.
Morning tea was taken at a pleasant table lookout spot with lunch in a rather dubious (but best available) place by the lake watching the waves roll in.
Claude upped the ante for coffee venues by introducing us to the 5 star Magenta Shores Golf and Country Club Resort.

                                                                                                                    The Starters!

2016 06 10 Regular ChristineMcA 102158

2016 06 10 Regular Margaret IMG 0603






 View over Tuggerah Lake











2016 06 10 Regular Margaret IMG 0601





                 Is it left, right or straight ahead.............












                 We need more help!                                                                                                                      Cabbage Tree Palm
2016 06 10 Regular Margaret IMG 0608

2016 06 10 Regular Margaret IMG 0610a
                                                                                         2016 06 10 Regular ChristineMcA121707a                                                                                    Above: Lunch by the lake

Margaret and Claude led seven walkers, Annette and David, Barry, Christine McA, Ida, Jim and Lawrie.

Words by Margaret

Photos by Christine McA (1,6) and Margaret (2, 3, 4, 5)