What a perfect day for walking!
Eleven of us set off downhill from Meadowbank station to reach the Parramatta River. We firstly set off upstream, admiring the recently opened footbridge across the way. Turning downstream we headed to Kissing Point wharf. It was not really as simple as that for the route is labelled with many signs giving us a brief history of some of the Indigenous people connected with the area such as Bennelong as well as early settler activities along the important river connection to Parramatta. The newly developing high rises of the area provided a contrast but always we had the open water space to stretch our eyes.
At Kissing Point we divided, some to catch the ferry to the city and some to return to Meadowbank.
A most pleasant day!         

              Memorial Walk in Meadowbank Memorial Park

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New 300m Bennelong Bridge opened last month.....and three bridges (road, rail and pedestrian) across Parramatta River

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 Thank you card presentation to retired co-leader Helen

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Rivendell Built 1891-1893 to a design by John Sulman

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Lyn and Deidre led nine walkers, Helen S, Jean McD, Liz, Kath McK, Diana, Chris W, Pam, Norma and Ray

Words by Lyn

Photos by Ray