Jan-Jun 2016

G'day with this quick summary of today's Plus 11 km wander - a Baker's Dozen - Elaine E and Don B leading well, and followed by Kurt, Don W, Mary,
Dawn, Lyn, Rhondda, Jill, Barbara, Ray and two visitors.
Great walk today in temps up to 30oC moderated by a beautifully cooling consistent Nor-Easter, full sunshine and nothing to complain about whatsoever. 'Parodise' as Satchmo was want to say.

. Left Bondi Beach 0900
. M.T. Clovelly
. Lunch at Maroubra Beach at 1220
. 1250 some stayed to swim, some bused from Maroubra to Bondi Junction

Some inconsequentials:
1. Rock-hopped around head of Lurline Bay - only possible because we had a 1330 low tide - this is a rare privilege which we enjoyed.
2. Wedding cake Island looked up to its name - again because of the white-wash-icing at lowish tide.
3. Saw a blue wren near Wylie’s Baths - about 3m from the path and he stayed there for a couple of minutes as we watched - lovely thicket abounds there. Should have had the camera out.

Today's was a jolly good walk in good company to start our HV walking year!

South of Bondi2016 02 19 Plus Barb 2a

Coogee Beach
2016 02 19 Plus Barb 3a

Navigating rocks in Lurline Bay2016 02 19 Plus Barb 6a

                                                                                           Maroubra Beach
2016 02 19 Plus Barb 7b
OooRoo and VeryBestWishes to each of you until next we meet....
.....Words by Ray, photos by Barbara

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