Jan-Jun 2016

52 HVB members and 18 visitors enjoyed breakfast in pleasant weather and in excellent company.

The high-light of the morning was the launching of 'Hill View Bushwalkers', an illustrated history of our club written by Don Woolley. The book was received with unanimous acclaim, as acknowledged by President Bert when he presented Don with a complimentary copy and a celebratory bottle of red.
2016 02 27 BBQ Barb 206 1
As well as Don's truly exceptional book, there was chat and food.
Mary D and Rosemary face the camera.
2016 02 27 BBQ Barb 172a

                          Margaret P, Claude, Bill S, John G (he should have been working) Ros G, a visitor and Jim
2016 02 27 BBQ Barb 206a
 Diana M, a visitor, Chris W, Diana L, Philip, Kath, Elaine E
2016 02 27 BBQ Barb 189a

Dot, a visitor, Rex, Robyn M, Marg B, a visitor
2016 02 27 BBQ Barb 207aA visitor, Aileen, a member, Vreni, Chris B, a visitor, Helen A
2016 02 27 BBQ Barb 187a
Sometimes justice is not done. The preceeding photos have been of the Upstairs people. What of those working 'Downstairs'? On arrival, the tables and chairs were ready, waiters circulated with trays of juice and cold water. The continental breakfast consisted of cereal varieties, fruit salad, yoghurts, choice of milk, different breads (optionally toasted) conserves and jam. The hot breakfast was sausages, bacon, eggs and stuffed tomatoes. Coffee and tea were served. As seen, the tables were covered and serviettes provided. Extension leads were run from the kitchen to provide extra power, toasters, urns and frypans were from members' homes.

In a brief speach, Bert thanked Deidre and Sue S for all the shopping and for the transport of supplies to the venue, and for their work on the day. He thanked those who arrived early and worked hard. He did not mention all by name, but readers can see the people working in the background. Lyn thanked Bert, whose meticulous attention to detail was an essential part of the success of the day.

                                                          Deidre, Bert and Sue S 
2016 02 27 BBQ Barb 173                                          Bert thanks all involved
2016 02 27 BBQ Barb 203aTwo visitors asking Ray where he buys his shirts. Lorna looks on and Claude and Dawn are really struggling with a frypan. 2016 02 27 BBQ Barb 167a
Dawn now going along swimmingly and John G also steps up.2016 02 27 BBQ Barb 174a

                    John M can cook eggs all day. Deidre stops by. And Anne R cooks on yet another frypan - side left.2016 02 27 BBQ Barb 184a


2016 02 27 BBQ Barb 212aDid we say that whilst HVB dined on the terrace, 
Wires was running a snake show in the adjacent hall?
If you look over Don W's shoulder in the first photo, there is a Wires man holding a snake bag. We let Shannon and her colleagues do their own thing.




















Photos by Barbara.
















with a snake coholding a snaka


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