Our enthusiastic group met on Huntleys Point Circuit to walk a path along the Parramatta River and then crossing to Tarban Creek and back to the ferry terminal.

The night had been stormy and the undeterred group met under cloudy skies. We first entered the historic Gladesville Hospital grounds, observing the sandstone buildings and learning a little about the 180 year history of the site.

We returned to the riverside near Banjo Patterson Cottage where Banjo Patterson lived with his grandmother, past Bedlam Point into Looking Glass Bay where we enjoyed morning tea.

After walking through streets we walked through Glades Bay park into Bill Mitchell park and Peel Park where we met Robyn Ma who was delivering meals on wheels so couldn’t join the walk. A couple of km of street walking had Nick excited to be walking along Oxford St and Cambridge St into Tarban Creek reserve where we enjoyed sitting on a rock shelf for a lunch stop.

As we continued along the creek we encountered the sqeaks and cries of a huge fruit bat colony roosting in the trees. We left the reserve to walk into the Priory residential development to look for Huntleys Café for our coffee stop. We could not find a path so we had to walk up Salter St and along Victoria Rd to enjoy a relaxing refreshment break at the upmarket café. We found the road through the development to return to Riverglade Reserve and follow our path under Tarban Creek Bridge and Gladesville bridge to return to the wharf. By this time the clouds had cleared to sunny skies.

2019 03 15 Reg moment for rest peter h                                                                                                                             Eight happy walkers   


                               2019 03 15 Reg happy group at MT peter H          2019 03 15 Reg two walkers at rest peter h                                                                                                                                                               Relaxing for morning tea by peaceful waters


              2019 03 15 Reg a nice bridge to cross peter h   2019 03 15 Reg looks like a good map                                                                                                                                                 A nice bridge to view ...................and a good map to follow.


                                                        2019 03 15 Reg group with photographer peter h                                                                                                                                                                         Nine walkers - including the photographer!

         2019 03 15 Reg coffee afterwards peter h                                                                                                                           Coffee to finish with


Maurice and Susan, Michael and Sue, Ros, Lyn, and Peter T were led by Nick and Anne G.

Words: Anne G

Photos: Peter T