Jan-Jun 2019

Notwithstanding the fact that the Regular walk was cancelled due to wet track conditions, some enterprising walkers decided to do their own walk  See the brief report "Alternative Walk"and some pictures below.

Editor's Note: Whilst walkers may feel disappointed when a walk is cancelled, spare a thought for the leaders who have diligently researched trialed and re-trialed the walk, sometimes several times.  The extract from this email titled  "The Battle for the Regular Walk 5/4/19" from Mary G, one of the leaders of the cancelled walk, says it all:  

"The sad, sad tale of a walk that was reconnoitred, made suitable, and then cancelled

1 London Bridge could not be found but we Leaders persevered (over 3 trips) and were rewarded. We looked forward to showing it off.
2 There was a gale over the weekend before the programmed walk. Another recce showed that the Callicoma Track had a number of tree falls ensuring some exciting tests of agility.
3 One smaller tree completely blocked the way….some judicious work with a saw restored track access.
4 The area had heavy rain on the day before the walk…..7.30am on the Friday and the creek crossing was well up. The house bricks carried down were not going to solve the problem but they did give some muscles a good work-out.
It seemed the bush was conspiring against us. The result? Bush 4, HVB 2. (Well we did find the bridge and we did get access to the track. That counts as 2.)

Despite our best efforts safety could not be guaranteed. Much as we hated doing it, the walk was cancelled.

And we’d found a good coffee stop as reward for completing quite a challenging Regular walk.….Oliver Brown’s Chocolate Indulgence."

Chin up Mary- I am sure the walk will be on the program next year.  In conclusion, let's remember that when we say "Thank you" to our leaders at the end of a walk, we are not just thanking them for the enjoyable walk on the day but for all the hard work including  time, research, checking and re-checking that have gone before, to make it a successful walk in the first place.

Alternative Walk

Following the cancellation of the Regular Walk, eight walkers, determined to get some exercise, opted for a walk at Lover's Jump Creek, North Turramurra. It was an enjoyable bushland walk despite the fact that morning tea was cut short due to leeches. Compensation however was by way of cake and coffee at the North Turramurra Bakery at the end of the 8.5km walk.

2019 04 05 Reg Lyndy 094759 Small                                                                                                                           Photo pause on the track.
2019 04 05 Reg Alt Lyndy2019 04 05 Reg Alt Christine
                         Rushing waters after the rain                                                                               Looking down the track

Walkers: Wendy P and Christine led Nick, Pragatti, Anne R , Elizabeth, Lyndy and a visitor.

Photos:Christine(2), Lyndy (1,3)



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