Jan-Jun 2019

aAfter heavy rain on Thursday night & waking up in the dark to damp conditions it was hard to decide whether to cancel the walk or not. On arriving at the Park it wasn't raining & the weather forecast was for clearing showers over Wollongong so we decided to go ahead. The traffic was very heavy so the car load from Turramurra arrived quite late but after some great Anzac biscuits from Anne G we set off up the hill at about 10am. We headed past the Guides Camp & onto the Ring track through beautiful sections of subtropical rainforest which looked very lush after the rain.
At the turnoff to Robertson's Lookout we noticed it was now open again -it had been closed on our recce. We decided to take the 2.4km return diversion through Eucalypt forest to the wonderful lookout on the edge of the Escarpment for morning tea. Then it was back the same way to rejoin the ring track which descends through more rainforest before coming out on Mt Keira Rd. It was then a steep climb along the road to the summit for lunch. The view from the top was spectacular in the sunshine & the bonus was being able to enjoy a coffee with lunch.
After a relaxing lunch we went to the Five Islands Lookout, which is now fenced off due to a large landslide but the Sculpture of the Six Daughters of the West Wind is the highlight here. We returned to the cars down a very steep & rocky part of the Dave Walsh track arriving about 2pm. There were lots of fungi along this part of the track & the photographers in the group had a great time snapping them whilst the rest of us fended off the leeches!
It was a very pretty walk & the bonus was no Rain until our journey back home!!

        2019 04 05 Plus Wendy cid 654040D9 8866 4F3F B51C C0218B2E39292019 04 05 Plus Wendycid 1CFC5F32 0DF5 4BE0 8423 6DDF76F937A8

 View from Robertson Lookout (left) and trig point at Robertson 
Lookout (above)         

2019 04 05 Plus Wendy cid 00302A95 DB11 4DDA B752 E2B417B1EAE02019 04 05 Plus Wendy cid 0D6DC43E F152 4709 88C0 81B1AE6AD452
                                                                                                                            On the Mt Kiera Ring Track
2019 04 05 Plus Wendy cid DA161458 88CD 4F82 8FB7 69A00F7D30E4                                                                                              View fron Mt Keira looking down over Wollongong
2019 04 05 Plus Wendycid DD463B53 B58E 4308 B5BA B16BB20C6FB92019 04 05 Plus Wendycid 39973997 5F23 4B64 880F 5FAFB17C8C44                                           Pretty fungi on the track to Robertson Lookout(left) and fungi at Byarong Park (right)
 2019 04 05 Plus Wendy cid 34D1AA23 EE03 4FE8 9AA4 5B45473B78062019 04 05 Plus Wendy cid 4D88CC93 1CD1 4C95 97C2 FE586F2376A4                                                                                                                                                                                                     Descending the David Walsh Track

Walkers: Wendy C & Celia led Anne G, Clive, Guenter, Hazel, Polly & Sheila.

Photos: Wendy C

Words: Celia





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