Jan-Jun 2019

The day was cloudy, with patches of sunshine – ideal for the twenty walkers who set off from Como Station.

2019 04 12 Reg Pete14 map2019 04 12 Reg ChrisMcA 20190412 091344

First stop was the Como Hotel, in front of which Martin spoke of the history of the hotel and the adjacent Como Pleasure Grounds. Given ten minutes or so to explore the Pleasure Grounds, discipline held and no-one delayed the restart by queuing to buy a take away coffee. Surely a first for HVB.

2019 04 12 Reg Pete022019 04 12 Reg Pete04After crossing the old Como Railway Bridge,most of the group walked into the Myles Dunphy Reserve to inspect the large bat colony (no photos!), before joining the others for morning tea in the Oatley Memorial Gardens. A group photo as we left the gardens.

2019 04 12 Reg ChrisMcA 20190412 1044382019 04 12 Reg ChrisMcA 20190412 112356The streets we walked from Oatley Station to the Lime Kiln Wetlands were lined by avenues of trees of different species. Here on Wonoona Parade West, the Paperbark Tree Melaleuca quinquenervia. And then into the Wetlands where Tail-end Charlie and Michael find the way past the Grasstree Xanthorrhoea

2019 04 12 Reg Pete072019 04 12 Reg Pete08Still in the Wetlands. No-one in HVB knows more about trees than Ros.
So? 'No idea what species it was however I did form the opinion that it was now quite dead. What caused the spiraling on the trunk, I haven't the foggiest.'
Lyndy knows and loves mangroves, but sadly another event claimed her attendance on the day. We missed her, and also her planned talk.

2019 04 12 Reg Pete102019 04 12 Reg ChrisMcA 20190412 121915On to the headland that is Oakley Park. At left a view from the Headland Track, that winds around by the Lime Kiln and Jew Fish Bays. And above, 'The Castle' a feature on the headland. We had lunch on tables in the 'grounds' of the Castle.

After lunch, six early Exiteers took the fastest road route back to Oatley Station. The remaining fourteen continued along the headland Track before some street walking and coffee.
'Bitton' in Mulga Road is recommended without reservation. Good coffee, quick service, and if you are lucky, or rowdy, the Garden area at the back is made available.
2019 04 12 Reg Oatley Park Tracks by David NobleFor the record:
On the recce were Helen A, Lyndy and Martin. As mentioned above, Lyndy could not walk on the day.

Thus, Helen and Martin led Don B, Elaine E, Sue and Michael, Anne G, Ros and John, Linda, Christine McA, Dawn, Bert, Margaret P, Elizabeth P, Wendy P, Bella and Pete, Kurt, and Don Wo.

A special welcome to Linda her first walk as a paid-up member. 

Don B, wearing brown socks - not the usual high-viz red ones -  was Tail-end Charlie. He kept the group nice and tidy, no stragglers, and saw everyone safely through.

This meant that the First Aid officers, Anne G and Don Wo weren't called upon.

Photos by Pete's App (1), Christine McA (2,5,6,9), Pete (3,4,7,8,10), David Noble's blog (11), Bert (12)
Trigger alert!!
Some readers may find the following image confronting.
2019 04 12 Reg Bert 20190412 133421The backyard loo at Bitton.
Of course, a lot of time was passed swapping travellers' tales of bathrooms encountered all over the world. However, no-one had come across another establishment with such initiative.
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Bert does not often send a photo. For those who may have forgotten his first, quite a contrast - from the Plus Walk on 07 July 2015-:

2015 07 10 Small Plus Bert Flower shop in Rose Bay 3 'Flowers to brighten the [overcast] day.'

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