Eight walkers boarded the B1 bus at Wynyard and made a B line for the front two rows on the upper deck, making as much excited noise as possible (“Just like a bunch of schoolchildren” opined one of our number, who later said this bus ride was the highlight of the day). A ninth walker was waiting for us at Collaroy and we set off for the morning tea stop beside Long Reef Golf Club clubhouse.

During the stop, we enjoyed watching a board rider on one of the new foil boards, moving effortlessly out to sea and back in again, with the board several centimetres above the surface of the water and only the fine foil in contact with the water. We speculated as what the propulsion system was and when the rider eventually returned to the beach, we could see that the board was driven by a small propeller on the bottom of the foil, which other observers said was powered by a small battery pack attached to underside of the board.

Following the stop, there was a gentle walk up to the top of the Long Reef lookout and then down to Long Reef surf beach. A lengthy beach walk, on fairly firm sand, took us to the lunch stop at the ocean pool at Dee Why.

An entertainment at lunch was the seagull which made a deposit (but not a bank deposit) nearby and spattered 3 of us. Lunch itself was hurried, as rain clouds were threatening, and we resorted to one of the eateries on The Strand for coffee. After that, it was a 20 minute walk back to Pittwater Rd and the bus home.

On reaching Pittwater Rd, certain observant walkers noted that the first bus stop we came to showed that the 136 bus went direct to Chatswood, so after a democratic decision we took that option as likely to be faster than going back into the city on the B1. The ride turned out to be an interesting mystery tour around the back streets of Dee Why, Cromer, Beacon Hill & Frenchs Forest, but nevertheless deposited us back in Chatswood a good 20 to 30 minutes earlier than the B1 & train option.

2019 05 10 EZY Lillian IMG 6788                                                                                                                                    Walk Leader Briefing at Central

2019 05 10 EZY Lillian IMG 67902019 05 10 EZY Lillian IMG 6794
                                                                                                                                          The B1 Bus Ride to Collaroy

2019 05 10 EZY Lillian IMG 68052019 05 10 EZY Lillian IMG 68132019 05 10 EZY Lillian IMG 6822
                                                                                                                                              Setting off from Collaroy

2019 05 10 EZY Lillian IMG 68232019 05 10 EZY Lillian IMG 68282019 05 10 EZY Lillian IMG 6826                                                                                                                                         Walking on Fishermans Beach

2019 05 10 EZY Lillian IMG 68322019 05 10 EZY Lillian IMG 6841
                                                   Morning Tea at Long Reef Golf Club House                                                                  The Foil Board Rider

2019 05 10 EZY Lillian IMG 68482019 05 10 EZY Lillian IMG 6843
                                                                                              A Few Words of Encouragement from Michael Before Heading to the Lookout

2019 05 10 EZY Lillian IMG 68562019 05 10 EZY Lillian IMG 6865
                                                                                                                                           Long Reef Lookout

2019 05 10 EZY Lillian IMG 68772019 05 10 EZY Lillian IMG 68872019 05 10 EZY Lillian IMG 6895                                                                                                                                       Walking along Long Reef Surf Beach

2019 05 10 EZY Lillian IMG 69002019 05 10 EZY Lillian IMG 69102019 05 10 EZY Lillian IMG 6915                                                                                                          Finishing at the Dee Why Ocean Pool for Lunch


Leaders:          Sue and Michael
Walkers:         Ida, Linda, Aileen, Lilian, Lea, Elizabeth P and Barry who (as always) was a great back-marker.
Photographer:  Lilian