Twenty walkers set out from Seaforth Oval, and were later joined by two others who had been held up in traffic. The day was pleasantly cloudy and cool.

            2019 05 10 Reg Don Briefing at seaforth oval   2019 05 10 Reg Christine Our illustrious leaders 20190510 091504 Copy                                                                                                                             Briefing at Seaforth Oval                                                              Our illustrious leaders

 The Timber Getters Track is named because the timber felled at Frenchs Forest was drawn by bullocks to the wharf at Bantry Bay. The walk starts with many steps, down to the wharf, where the water looked particularly attractive. Some background was given to the munitions buildings there.

             2019 05 10 Reg Anne R P1270377 Copy  2019 05 10 Reg Don group at ban                                                                                                                           Heading down to Bantry Bay                                                                The group at Bantry Bay

2019 05 10 Reg Anne R P1270381 Copy                                                                                                                                                     Reflections at Bantry Bay

The track then follows the water for some distance; morning tea was held along the track, with sufficient rocky seats for all. The climb to The Bluff provided some challenges, which the group met with agility.

                 2019 05 10 Reg Christine Approaching the Bluff 20190510 094222 Copy   2019 05 10 Reg Anne R P1270390 Copy                                                                                                         Approaching the Bluff - in the distance!                                                                               Starting to climb

                     2019 05 10 Reg Anne R P1270385 Copy   2019 05 10 Reg Don obligatory orange fungus photo   2019 05 10 Reg Anne R P1270402 Copy                                                                                                 Golden Orb spider                                        Obligatory orange fungus photo                                   Beautiful butterfly

                                   2019 05 10 Reg Christine Climbing up 20190510 103259   2019 05 0 Reg Keith IMG 1354                                                                                                                                                      Climbing up again                                                                           Time for a breather

                                            2019 05 10 Reg Christine Aliens on the track 20190510 095442   2019 05 10 Reg Christine Wendy Pragati ascend20190510 105201 Copy                                                                                                                                                        Aliens on the track                                                             Pragati and Wendy

                            2019 05 10 Reg Lyndy Rock overhang IMG 20190510 105310 Copy    2019 05 10 Reg Don distant bantry bay                                                                                                                                 Rock overhang                                                                               Distant Bantry Bay from the Bluff

Unfortunately, the Natural Bridge formation proved to be a bridge too far. The leaders decided on the recce that a further scramble down (and then back) a large sloping rock, was too great a challenge

The return along the Engraving track was uneventful, especially as the engravings are now closed off to the public. Lunch was back at the oval, before threatening rain and a cool change. Coffee was at Seaforth. Although not a long walk, it was enjoyed by all.

     2019 05 10 Reg Lyndy BushwalkIMG 20190510 113543  2019 05 10 Reg Lunching at the oval Christine20190510 123230                                                                           Bushwalking - on the Engraving Track                                      Lunching at the oval

Walkers, led by Elaine E and Dawn, were Helen A., John B., Mary, Andy and Sue, Helen L., Lyndy, Christine McA , John M., Marilyn and Keith, John and Pat, Wendy P., Pragati, Anne R., Kurt, Jenny, Vreni, Don Wo.

Photos: Don Wo (1, 4, 9, 16). Christine McA (2, 6, 11, 13,14, 18), Anne R (3, 5, 7, 8, 10), Lyndy (15, 17 ), Keith (a visitor)(12)

First aiders were Lindy and Don Wo. Tail end Charlie, Kurt. Thanks all.

Words by Elaine E