2019 05 17 Don Wo angophoras                                                                                                           ANGOPHORAS IN THE KATANDRA RESERVE

 It was a lovely sunny day when 17 walkers set out from the lower carpark of Katandra Reserve down into a beautiful palm filled valley!  Katandra is the aboriginal word meaning song of birds.  This 232 ha reserve is located north-east of Rumbalara Reserve & contains one of the largest rainforest remnants left in the city of Gosford.

2019 05 17 Don Wo briefing 2                                                                                                            Some walkers listening to the leader's briefing

We followed Waterman’s Walk to Seymour Pond.  Here a natural creek was dammed in the early 1900’s & used for the farm water supply.  The land on the southern side of Seymour Pond was used to grow vegetables for the Sydney market. We followed Waterman’s Walk across a number of small bridges around the pond & came back to the picnic tables where we stopped for morning tea.

      2019 05 17 Pete T on the way down 20190517 095536  2019 05 17 Pete T seymour pool 20190517 100502  2019 05 17 Chrisrine McA morning tea 20190517 103259                               Disappearing into the forest      No longer the local water supply                               Morning tea, using our own water 

             2019 05 17 Don Wo waiting in the forest  2019 05 17 Chrisrine McA group on bridge deep in forest20190517 100835                                                                                                            Deep in the forest - vines, bridges, rainforest vegetation

Afterwards we proceeded along Toomey Walk & viewed an enormous Turpentine tree & a magnificent Strangler Fig!.

2019 05 17 Pete T strangler fig roots 20190517 105127  2019 05 17 Don Wo group at balckbut  2019 05 17 Don Wo leader at blackbut 2019 05 17 Don Wo fungus on blackbut                                  Roots of the strangler fig                             Group admiring the huge turpentine                     A leader for scale!                        Fungus growing on turpentine

 After quite a long uphill climb we finally came to St Johns Lookout & picnic area where we enjoyed lunch & had a lovely view over Matcham, Erina Heights & Terrigal.

             2019 05 17 Pete T on the way up 20190517 112803   2019 05 17 Don Wo plenty of steps                                                                                                     On the climb                                                                                                  Plenty of steps

        2019 05 17 Pete T time for a spell 20190517 113000   2019 05 17 Pete T climbig thru the forest 20190517 112833                                                          Time for a spell!                                                                                                             Back to work

2019 05 17 Don Wo view from St Johns l o P1060960                                                                                                   The reward - magnificcent view from St Johns Lookout

                     2019 05 17 Wendy lunching walkers IMG 3706  2019 05 17 Wendy lunching kooka IMG 3704                                                                                             Lunching walkers                                                                                        Lunching kookaburra

2019 05 17 Don Wo group at St J l o P1060963                                                                          Lunched walkers - typical group photo - backs to the view, faces in  shadow!

 Following our lunch we headed downhill along Graves Walk back to our cars.

2019 05 17 Don Wo lovely forest P1060964                                                                                                                       We descended through this lovely forest

As our choice of café was unfortunately full most of us ended up in The Point Café in the Gosford Regional Gallery at East Gosford, while a few dispersed to other cafes. An enjoyable day!

Walkers:  Aileen, Annette & David, Diana L, Don B, Don Wo, Ida, John M, Lea, Lilian, Lydia & Tim, Nick, Peter T, Pragati.

Leaders: Christine & Wendy

Photos:  Wendy (17,18); Christine McA (5,7); Peter T (3,4,11,12,14,15); Don Wo (1,2,6,9,10,11,13,16,19,20)