Nine souls walked uphill from the salt waters of the harbour (having travelled by Light Rail from Central to St Johns Square) to Central station along the Goods Line, ably led by Rosemary and Kevin Stevens, in a wonderfully mid-20’s sunny but very smoke-hazy day.

Morning tea at lovely Pirrama Park at the bottom of Harris Street Ultimo where it meets Elizabeth Macarthur Bay.  
2019 05 25 EZYWalk Ray morningtea2019 05 24 EZYWalk Ray Bicycle 2
                                          Insect with Lead by Richard Goodwin 2011                                                                               Walking club or coffee club!
2019 05 24 EZYWalk Deidre Sydneysculpture DSCN61282019 05 24 EZYWalkRay SHBinsmokehaze
                                                                   Coathanger in smoke haze                                                                                Intriguing sculpture 'Sydney'
2019 05 24 EZYWalk Ray Barrangaroo                    Packer Casino under construction and the "Three Hair Curler" buildings (so-called  -  well ask Lyndy) to its right at Barangaroo  -  also in smoke haze
2019 05 24 EZYWalk Deidre Kevin DSCN6133  2019 05 24 EZYWalk Deidre DarlingIslandSign DSCN6135 2019 05 24 EZYWalk Deidre wharvessign DSCN6138 
                                                                                 The group listening intently to Leader Kevin as he talks about Darling Island
2019 05 24 EZYWalk Deidre cottages DSCN6139 2019 04 25 EZYWalk Deidre GoldsboroughMort DSCN6142 2019 05 24 EZYWalk Deidre Woolbrokersarms DSCN6140 2
Cottages in Pyrmont Road and site of Goldsbrough Mort wool stores now apartments in Pyrmont Street.  The wool stores were used for processing and storage of wool before being shipped out
2019 05 24 EZYWalk Deidre ChineseGardens DSCN61482019 05 24 EZYWalk Ray viewfromconventioncentre
                                 Views over Darling Harbour, Chinese Garden of Friendship and city views from the Event Deck ICC  -  a wonderful find by Rosemary and Kevin!
The Goods Line was built along a disused rail corridor from Central Railway station - Railway Square to the Darling Harbour Goods Yard. It features a linear parkland open space, and is similar to the famous and popular New York HIGH LINE. It is a pedestrian and cycle path in the centre of the city and opened in 2015. Trains chugged along the tracks transporting wool, wheat and other items back and forth, including coal which was for the Ultimo Power Station (now the Powerhouse Museum - and sadly, destined by the NSW Gov’t to be relocated to Parramatta in 2023). The last goods train left Darling Harbour in 1984.
2019 05 24 EZYWalk Deidre lunch DSCN6162                                                                                 Lunch at one of the well located large tables shaded by trees along the Goods Line
2019 05 24 EZYWalk Deidre GoodsLineDSCN6156 2019 05 24 EZYWalk Deidre OldGoodsLine DSCN61642019 05 24 EZYWalk Deidre OriginalOldGoodsLineDSCN6165
2019 05 24 EZYWalk Ray UTS 22019 05 24 EZYWalk Ray sandstonesculpture 2
                                                     Sandstone sculpture  -  will it fall?   The "Paper-Bag Building"  -  (Dr Chau Chak Wing Building at UTS)
2019 05 24 EZYWalk Ray JohnWhitton2019 05 24 EZYWalk Deidre Exchangebuilding DSCN6153
   The soon to be completed building 'The Exchange' at Haymarket  -  fascinating!

                              John Whitton  -  Father of NSW Railways  -  outside "Eternity" cafe where coffee was enjoyed by the walkers on the Grand Concourse Central

Rosemary and Kevin led seven walkers Ruth, Ray, Lyndy, Jean McD, Robyn Mi, Deidre and second time visitor (Dennis)

Words by Ray

Photos by Ray (1-3, 5, 12, 18, 19, 21), Deidre (4, 6-11, 13-17, 20)