Jan-Jun 2019

2019 06 07 PlusWalk Barbara lakeP1360956 001                                                                                             Lake near the beginning of the Mt Wondabyne/Rocky Ponds Walk
Under threatening skies, 10 walkers set off for  Rocky Ponds and the Icicles from Woy Woy Road in Brisbane Waters NP. On a fire trail softened by recent rain, we turned onto the Wondabyne Track for a detour to Wondabyne trig where we had morning tea about an hour into the walk. Magnificent panoranamic views made the scrambling climb worthwhile.
2019 06 07 PlusWalk WendyC Wondabynetrigpoint2019 06 07 PlusWalk Barbara viewfromMtWTrigP1360957                                             View from Mt Wondabyne Trig
2019 06 07 PlusWalk WendyC morningteaMtWondabyne
                                                     Morning Tea at Mt Wondabyne                                                                                     Mt Wondabyne Trig Point
Returning to the main track we faced several kilometres of fire trail with intermittent showers but spirits remained high and we were rewarded by a rich variety of bird life which included Dusky wood swallows, a lyre bird, Eastern Spinebills, a large raptor (probably a sea eagle) hovering above us and the usual honeyeaters, wattle birds and lorikeets.
2019 06 07 PlusWalk WendyC birdofprey2019 06 07 PlusWalk Barbara Steveandbirdofprey P1360960
                                                     Leader Steve and bird of prey in the distance                                                                               Bird of prey up close
The turn off to Rocky Ponds led us onto an indistinct, overgrown track in stark contrast to the expansive fire trail. We reached Rocky Ponds after much ducking, weaving and some cursing. The heavens opened as we descended the track next to the lower reaches of the Ponds but the view was again worth the effort.
2019 06 07 PlusWalk Barbara SteveaboveRockyPonds P13609652019 06 07 PlusWalk WendyC RockyPonds
                                              Rocky Ponds and Leader Steve above Rocky Ponds just before the rain
2019 06 07 PlusWalk Steve RockyPonds2019 06 07 PlusWalk Barbara RockyPonds P1360970
2019 06 07 PlusWalk Barbara funatRockyPonds P1360968 2                                                                                                          ........and the heavens have opened!
2019 06 07 PlusWalk Barbara RockyPonds P13609722019 06 07 PlusWalk WendyC waterfall
                                                                                                          Waterfall and one of the Rocky Ponds
2019 05 31 PlusRecce WendyC viewoverHawkesburyfromRockyPonds2019 06 07 PlusWalk WendyC viewoverHawkesburyfromRockyPonds
             Admiring the "view" over the Hawkesbury from Rocky Ponds and the view over the Hawkesbury from Rocky Ponds taken on the recce the week before
Given the rain, we decided against ascending to the Icicles as the recce had shown the track to be virtually non-existent and the climb steep. Also, the view would have been limited by the low cloud.
31 05 31 ReccePlusWalk WendyC ViewfromtheIcicles                                                             .                        .....and this is the view we missed out on from the Icicles!  Photo taken on the recce
2019 06 07 PlusWalk Barbara banksia P13609592019 06 07 PlusWalk WendyC floweringgum 2
                           Flowering Gum  'Summer Snow' Corymbia
2019 06 07 PlusWalk WendyC native fuschia
                                           Native Fuschia Epacris longiflora                                                                 Hairpin Banksia Banksia spinulosa                                                       

The rain stopped as we lunched but hit us more times as we made our way back the way we had come. Our return was a damp trudge but we remained cheerful and arrived back at the cars a little foot-weary, quite a bit wet and ready for coffee after around 19 kilometres of effort.     
2019 06 07 PlusWalk Barbara scribblygum P13609822019 06 07 PlusWalk Steve drinkstop2019 06 07 PlusWalk WendyC headinghomeonfiretrail
  Return on the Rocky Ponds Track  -  scribbly gum beauty                  A welcome drink stop                                             ............and heading home on the fire trail

Wendy C and Steve led eight walkers Nick B, Polly, Martin, Celia, Hazel, Bert, Barbara and Kurt who was tail end charlie.

First Aiders:  Barbara and Bert

Words by Steve

Photos by Barbara (1, 2, 5, 8, 9, 11, 13, 18, 20), Wendy C (3, 4, 6, 7, 12, 14-16, 17, 19, 22), Steve (10, 21)

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