Jan-Jun 2019

After two trains to Cronulla then a bus to the start on a rather cold and wet morning, 21 intrepid walkers began this 10km walk to a covered area where leader Margaret P gave a short talk on the history of the area. The Kurnell section of the park is renowned for being the place where Captain James Cook sailed the ‘Endeavour’ through Botany Bay on 28April 1770 in order to establish a penal colony for Britain. An obelisk to his memory and a ball-buoy in the water depict his place of anchorage. Moving on, various other monuments were pointed out, in particular those of his botanist travelling companions Daniel Solander and Joseph Banks.

          2019 06 05 Reg Claude IMG 2330 Copy   2019 06 05 Reg Drina 1. a very wet start Copy   2019 06 05 Reg Drina 3. Under a canopy of trees Copy                                                                           On the bus                                                                                A wet start                                                                           Under the canopy on the Yena Track

 As the rain eased the group made their way to morning tea at some rather soggy picnic tables where standing up was the only option. We continued on via the Yena bush Trail to Cape Solander Lookout hoping to see masses of whales however only one dubious sighting was made despite Claude’s binoculars being at the ready. Normally this is one of the best locations for whale-watching when they decide to make an appearance. 

2019 06 05 Reg ChrisMcA 20190607 114157 Copy   2019 06 05 Reg ChrisMcA 20190607 120908 3 Copy                                                                                                                               Cape Solander Lookout                                                                                        The leaders at the Lookout                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
2019 06 05 Reg DonW wild solander coast                                                     Wild Solander coast

                                   2019 06 05 Reg DonW new track new notice   2019 06 05 Reg DonW cliftop walkers                                                                                                                                    New track, new notice                                                                                    Clifftop walkers

2019 06 05 Reg DonW clifftop group                                                      Clifftop group

                                   2019 06 05 Reg Drina 7. Walking along the cliff top Copy  2019 06 05 Reg DonW luxuriant flannel flowers but banksias still black                                                                                                                              Walking along the clifftop                                                                       Luxuriant flannel flowers but the banksias still black 

 The weather improved from this point on and we followed the coast walk which now is a wonderful mix of rock platforms and excellent board walks – a far cry from the wet and muddy track we followed in 2016!
At Tabigal Gap four walkers decided to break off through another track in order to return home earlier as the leaders had advised the return to the city would not be before 6.30pm. Continuing via Long Nose Point the remaining 17 hardy souls made their way to the Baily Light (house) at Cape Baily where lunch was a welcome respite. We managed to keep dry for most of the walk and the scenery on the coast was quite spectacular.
We re-traced our steps back to the Yena trail where a very meaningful Aboriginal monument was viewed. A delightful short trail called the Burrawang Track was then followed to take us to CAFÉ 1770, opposite the park bus-stop, for a very welcome coffee.

             2019 06 05 Reg Drina 8. Rock patterns Copy  2019 06 05 Reg Drina 10. Tabbigai Cliff Dwellers Copy  2019 06 05 Reg Drina 11. Crazy fishermen on rock shelf Copy                                                                                                    Rock patterns                                                                  Tabbigai Cliff Dwellers                                                  Crazy fishermen

                                   2019 06 05 Reg ChrisMcA 20190607 124244 2 Copy   2019 06 05 Reg ChrisMcA 20190607 125020 2 Copy                                                                                                                               More boardwalk and banksias                                                                       Approaching Cape Baily Lighthouse

2019 06 05 Reg Drina 15. Group at Baily Light Copy                                                                  The group at Cape Bailey Lighthouse

                                  2019 06 05 Reg Drina 14. Welcome boardwalk Copy   2019 06 05 Reg Drina 15. Happy Birthday Don. Copy                                                                                                                                 Another view of the board walk                                                                      Happy Birthday Don Wo

Leaders: Claude and Margaret

Walkers: Helen A, Ruth, Chris B, Don B, Elaine E, Annette, Michael and Sue, Anne G, Mary, Christine McA, John M, Jan, Elizabeth P, Wendy P, Anne R, Drina, Don Wo and Bill T

Words: Margaret P

Photos: Chris McA (4, 5, 15, 16), Claude (1), Don Wo (6, 7, 8, 9, 11), Drina (2, 3, 10, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19)

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