Jan-Jun 2019



2019 6 14 Drina 1. Cox road plaque

It was a crisp, clear winter’s morning when thirteen walkers assembled shortly after 9 am at the car park at Mt York. Before setting out on the track, Kurt gave the walkers a brief history of the various tracks constructed in an effort to provide access from the Blue Mountains to the interior, commencing with Coxs Road (1815) followed by Lawsons Long Alley (1823) and Lockyers Pass (1832, but never completed).  Later came Victoria Pass and Berghofers Pass.

           2019 6 14 Drina 2. Kurt teling us the history of the roads down     2019 6 14 Drina 3. Ready to tackle the descent                                                               Kurt explaining the history of the road                                                                                 Ready to start the descent

2019 6 14 Anne R The start of Coxs Road 1                                                                                                                  The start of a spectacular descent

We set off proceeding carefully down the rubbly track of Coxs Descent, viewing the remains of the historic roadworks on the way. Once down to the flatter lands of Hartley Vale the track followed an undulating route across woodlands and fields to arrive at our morning tea spot by the Hartley Vale Road. Refreshed, we walked close to the road for a short distance passing the Comet Inn (1879) built to cater for the shale miners working nearby, before turning into Lawsons Alley.

     2019 6 14 Anne R Descending Coxs Rd 1     2019 6 14 Anne R Descending Coxs Rd 2     2019 6 14 Anne R Descending Coxs Rd 3                                                                                                                                                             Descending Coxs Road

     2019 6 14 Drina 4. Going down tree blacked by fire     2019 6 14 Drina 5. Where we came from     2019 6 14 Drina 6. Happy to be down safely                             Further down the hill - the going was  a bit easier!             Looking back to where we came from                         Happy to have reached the bottom!

     2019 6 14 Drina 7. A shale cart     2019 6 14 Drina 8. The Comet Inn     2019 6 14 Drina 9. Old implements                         Seen in the valley - historic shale cart;                     Old Comet Inn (no longer available for cooling ales!);                   and long abandoned farm equipment   

     2019 6 14 Drina 10. Was the sheepdog rounding up sheep or walkers     2019 6 14 Drina 11. Proud kanga     2019 6 14 Drina 12. Announcing the upward trek                       Was the dog rounding up the sheep or the walkers?                   Kangaroo on duty                                              Announcement of the coming climb!


      2019 6 14 Drina 13. A house along the way    2019 6 14 Drina 14. Uphill slog                                    Some people live in remote spots!                                                                                                                       The up-hill slog

What started as a level track, ascended gradually at first before steepening considerably as we neared the junction with Mt York road where we stopped for lunch.

     2019 6 14 Drina 15. Getting there  2019 6 14 Anne R lyrebird departing  2019 6 14 Drina 16. Afternoon sun on flowering wattle                                        Top of the climb!                                                  Seen along the way -  departing lyrebird.......                       ...............and sunlit wattle

We then headed along the track which initially deviated away from the road before later returning to it.  Along the way back to our cars, we stopped to look at two rather murky ”wells” used as a watering point for horses in bygone years and finally paused at Barden Lookout to take in a superb panorama looking down to lands of Little Hartley and across to the Walls of Hassan near Lithgow.

                                           2019 6 14 Drina 17. Wells plaque         2019 6 14 Drina 18. One of the wells                                                                                                                                       Wells were used as a water supply during the construction of Coxs Road

From the carpark we then headed back down to Blackheath to the Wattle Café for coffee and a small cake for Barbara which she generously shared, to celebrate her birthday the previous day.

                               2019 6 14 Drina 19. Baden Lookout          2019 6 14 Drina 20. Coffee at last                                                                                                     A last look at the valley below..........                                                             .....and finally to the coffee shop!

Bert and Kurt led eleven other walkers – Helen A, Clive, Sue B, Wendy C, Anne G, Mary, Celia, Kas, Anne R, Barbara and Drina

Photos: Drina (1,2,3,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,21,22,23,24,25); Anne R (4,5,6,7,20)

Words; Bert


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