Jan-Jun 2020

14 1 20 Ezy Lilian IMG 9690

Five walkers set off from Taronga Park Wharf.  Our path led along the harbour to Bradley’s Head. 

The view was somewhat obstructed by the cruise ship “Ovation of the Seas" which was enormous.

14 1 20 Ezy Lyndy1 

Morning tea at Bradley’s Head was spoilt by the hungry birds which gathered around us intent on stealing a meal.

Poor Rex lost his biscuit and cheese twice to swooping birds.


 Lots of bush turkeys hoping to share our lunch 

 14 1 20 Ezy Lyndy2

 Our walk continued around Taylor Bay and Chowder Head.  We descended along the side of Chowder Bay to Clifton Gardens where we had lunch. 

After lunch we made our way along the beach (in spite of the high tide) to the old military buildings. 

14 1 20 Ezy Lilian IMG 9755

After ascending the staircase we had coffee at the cafe while we waited for the bus to take us back to Wynyard.

  14 1 20 Ezy Lilian IMG 9789

Walkers Lilian, Diana and Rex were led by Robyn and Lyndy

Words: Robyn

Photos Lyndy(2,4) , Lilian (3,5,6,7)



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