The first walk of the year was a highly successful mix and match Plus and Regular event at Bateau Bay. After weeks of red dust, polluted air,
bushfires and flooding rains, the weather defied probability and provided an excellent ( if steamy) day.
Plus and Regular walkers mingled successfully from the meeting place at North Shelley beach, along the beach (considerably changed from the time of
the recce, with mounds of foam and steep washaways), up the bush tracks to Crackneck Lookout. There we all enjoyed morning tea, with the extensive
ocean views.
Those who preferred a faster pace then forged ahead, followed by a smaller group, to Wyrrabalong. A few of the initial group rejoined the Regulars
for the return trip downhill and some of the plus group continued to Forresters Beach. Lunch was at a pleasant bush reserve at Bateau Bay, then on for coffee at Shelley Beach Surf Club, where the two groups again coincided. Another short beach walk took us back to the cars.

2020 02 14 RegPlus Sue S 20200214 164223 resized 12020 02 14 RegPlus Barbara R P1070448
                    Nick Briefs The Group At Shelly Beach North                                                               Nick, Wendy & Kurt Setting Out From North Shelley Beach

2020 02 14 RegPlus Sue S 20200214 091414 resized 1








                                                                              We Were Fascinated By The Beach Foam On Shelly Beach, Or Spume That Wikipedia Explains Is:
" a type of foam created by the agitation of seawater, particularly when it contains higher concentrations of dissolved organic matter derived from sources such
as the offshore breakdown of algal blooms...."

2020 02 14 RegPlus Deidre frolickinginthefoam 0915592020 02 14 RegPlus Drina 3. Helen checking on dirt particles                                                       Frolicking In The Foam                                                                                                                 Bateau Bay Beach

2020 02 14 RegPlus Drina 11. Coast Track Sign2020 02 14 RegPlus Drina 4. Enjoying the shaded path2020 02 14 RegPlus Drina 7. Down the stairs
                            Coast Track Sign                                                          Enjoying The Shaded Path                                                 Down The Stairs

2020 02 14 RegPlus Sue S 20200214 103110 resized 1                                                                                                Morning Tea At Crackneck Lookout

2020 02 14 RegPlus Sue S 20200214 1647532020 02 14 RegPlus Sue S 20200214 1652182020 02 14 RegPlus Sue S 20200215 074646
      HIBBERTIA Hibbertia obtusifolia                                   WEDDING BUSH Ricinocarpos pinifolius                                 HAIRY FAN FLOWER Scaevola ramosissima

 2020 02 14 RegPlus Sue S 1565667652 20200214 164818 2305708 resized2020 02 14 RegPlus Drina 6. Banksias response to the rain2020 02 14 RegPlus Barbara R P1070458
       PRICKLY MOSES Acacia ulicifolia                      Banksia's Response To The Rain                               Land mullet (Egernia major) is the largest of the
                                                                                                                                                                       skink family of lizards; habitat from Gosford to SE Queensland;
                                                                                                                                                                                              very shy & rarely seen

2020 02 14 RegPlus Barbara R P10704622020 02 14 RegPlus Barbara R P1070460
                               Bateau Bay: After Lunch At The Picnic Area                                                                                         Blackbutt At The Lunch Time Picnic Area

 2020 02 14 RegPlus Hazel GOPR7321
                                                                               Forresters Beach - with hang glider top LHS

2020 02 14 RegPlus Hazel GOPR73412020 02 14 RegPlus Drina 13. Happy to have completed the hill to Forresters and back
  An Appropriate Letterbox For A Beachside Suburb                                          Happy To Have Completed The Hill To Forrester's And Back

2020 02 14 RegPlus Drina 14. Regular coffee group2020 02 14 RegPlus Drina 10. Lookout from trig
                        Regular Coffee Group                                                                                                   Lookout From Wyrrabalong Trig

2020 02 14 RegPlus Hazel IMG 39292020 02 14 RegPlus Barbara R P1070489
        Clive With A Blue Tongue Lizard, Shelly Beach                                                           End of the walk at North Shelley Beach


Those who signed on for the Regulars, led by Elaine and Barbara R., were Ros and John, Kas, Margaret, Wendy P., Deidre and Sue S.

Those who signed on for the Plus, led by Nick and Martin were Helen A, Nick B, Clive, Don B, Barbara C, Hazel, Bert, Gunther, Kurt, Drina

With Thanks to First Aider Barbara R and Tail End Don B

Photos by: Barbara R (2,15,16,17,24  ), Deidre (4), Drina (6,7,8,14,20,21,22), Hazel (18,19,23), Sue S (1,3,5,9,10,11,12,13)