Jan-Jun 2020

The weather was beautiful for our walk and 25 walkers gathered at Acron Oval.  We went down the firetrail to the Cascades across the creek and followed the bush track along Middle Harbour Creek. This was quite picturesque along the creek and in places we could see images of the trees reflected in the water.
2020 02 28 RegularWalk SueS secondwatercrossing2020 02 28 RegularWalk SueS testingthewater 085454
                       Testing the water.....first water crossing                                                                              Only just wetting our feet.....second water crossing
2020 02 28 RegularWalk SueS secondcave 1614342020 02 28 RegularWalk SueS firstcave 091322
                                                                                               We passed the first cave........then the second cave
2020 02 28 RegularWalk PeteR reflections P10200702020 02 28 RegularWalk PeteR reflectionsMHC P1020068                                                                                                         Pretty reflections along Middle Harbour Creek                                                                                                2020 02 28 RegularWalk SueS watergums 161325 6593479 2020 02 28 RegularWalk PeteR onthetrack P1020085 2                                                                        
2020 02 28 RegularWalk Deidre morningtea 092612                                                                      Morning Tea                                                                                                              We wove our way through the watergums
It was quite challenging as we detoured around fallen trees and clambered over rocks! We were amazed how high the water must have flowed as debris was washed up against trees to the height of my shoulders in some places!!
2020 02 28 RegularWalk PeteR abitofasqueezeP1020091 22020 02 28 RegularWalk PeteR negotiatingdebris P1020074
Lunch at the Stepping Stones provided a nice break, then we walked back along the track and did the slow, arduous climb up the hill to the cars.
2020 02 28 RegularWalk Deidre lunch 1128442020 02 28 RegularWalk SueS BungarooTrack 111326                                                      Down on the Bungaroo Track at the turn of the tide for an early lunch at the Stepping Stones
2020 02 28 RegularWalk SueS amongstthesummerflowers 123953 2163439                                                                                           .......and amongst the late summer flowers                                                                   
2020 02 28 RegularWalk SueS geebung 1408122020 02 28 RegularWalk SueS mushroom 161208  2020 02 28 RegularWalk SueS fuchsia 140115                                       Pine-leafed Geebung Persoonia piniifolia                 Mushroom Agaricus spp                              Fuchsia Heath Epacris longifolia
2020 02 28 RegularWalk SueS umbrellafern 1608592020 02 28 RegularWalk SueS mountaindevil 160930
                                 Mountain Devil Lambertia formosa                                                                           Umbrella Fern Sticherus flabellatus
2020 02 28 RegularWalk SueS encouragingnote 1400482020 02 28 RegularWalk PeteR rockformation P1020095

2020 02 28 RegularWalk PeteR waterdragon P1020094
                                                    Water dragon midstream                                                          An encouraging, scrawled track note on the return ascent to Acron Oval
We all really enjoyed our well-earned milkshakes, coffees and yummy treats at Pattison’s Patisserie St Ives, and I feel sure everyone of us slept well that night!!

Christine McA and Wendy P led 23 walkers:  Nick B, Bronwyn, Don B, Sue B, Maurice, Rhondda, Elaine E, Michael and Sue, Mary, Kas, John M, Steve, Claude and Margaret, Pat P, Pete and Bella, Vreni, Deidre, Sue S, Don Wo, and visitor Judy.  

First Aiders: Claude and Mary Tail End Charlie: Don B

Words by Christine McA

Photos by Sue S (1-4, 8, 12, 14-19, 21 plus captions for Sue's photos and flowers), Pete R (5-7, 10, 11, 20, 22), Deidre (9, 13) 

S5 Box