Jan-Jun 2021

Despite a dire weather forecast with a 90% chance of 8mm to 15mm rain for the area with a maximum temperature of 23 degrees, 7 walkers, including the leaders, decided to chance the elements. Just as well, as the elements turned out to be a sunny day with short periods of cloud cover, not a drop of rain but very humid with a high temperature of 30 degrees. We commenced the walk from the North Shelley Beach car park, walking along the beach with soft sand to the Shelley Beach Surf Live Saving Club where we joined the Wyrrabalong Coastal Walk. We passed through the Bateau Bay Beach Picnic Area and continued to the Crackneck Lookout where we had morning tea

2021 02 19 Plus Deidre Trailsofbluebottlesand seaweedalongShellyBeach 091433                                                                                      Trails of Bluebottles and seaweed as we walked along Shelley Beach
2021 02 19 Plus HazelP1170962                                                                                   The walkers at Cracknet Point the morning tea location

After morning tea we continued to the Wyrrabalong Look Out and trig mast. By now the temperature and humidity were felt by all and hence walkers could not be persuaded to continue down the steep Cromarty Hill Road to Forresters Beach. The return climb back up in this humidity did not appeal. Instead walkers stretched out on the grass and watched two paragliders circling above. As this spot was too early for lunch we decided to backtrack to the Bateau Bay Beach Picnic Area where we had lunch.

       2021 02 19 Plus Hazel P1170968 Medium2021 02 19 Plus Hazel P1170964                             Heading towards Wyrrabalong Trig with hang gliders in the air

2021 02 19 Plus Deidre FlyingHigh 110647                                                                                    Flying high 
2021 02 19 Plus Hazel P1170984 1                                                 The group at Wyrrabalong Trig with the view towards Forresters Beach and Wamberal Point
2021 02 19 Plus Hazel P1170990 2 2                                                                      Bateau Bay seen from the lunch spot

After lunch we continued to the Shelley Beach Surf Live Saving Club for coffee. During coffee the Regular Group drove in, having brought their cars down from North Shelley Beach and we exchanged pleasantries. For us, however, the walk was not yet finished and we left the area for the soft sand slog back to North Shelley Beach car park and home.

2021 02 19 Plus Hazel P1180005 2 Small2021 02 19 Plus Hazel P1180017 2                                                                    On Shelley Beach -a solitary magpie rather than a gull and (right), one of the many bluebottles

2021 02 19 Plus Hazel P1180010 2 2                                                                 Heading back to the cars along Shelly Beach

 Walkers: Bert and Kurt led Deidre, Barbara C, Hazel, Gunther and Vreni.
 Photos: Deidre (1,5), Hazel (2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10)
 Words:  Kurt

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