Jan-Jun 2021

Eighteen walkers turned up at the meeting place - some after some difficulty - to complete the first Regular walk of the year. The previous days had engendered much concern, re showers, rain, storms etc. However, the hardy souls who turned up found a humid cloudy day. The humidity was eased by the fact that much of the walk was by the water.

21 02 19 Reg Pete WUVgq13I Copy
The walk began with a street walk from North Shelley to the lake, where we joined the joint walk/bike path. Morning tea was at Long Jetty, complete with its historic photos.

                                     21 02 19 Reg Pete kTu83uAA Copy  21 02 19 Reg AnneR Copy

                                               21 02 19 Reg AnneR P1320433 Copy   21 02 19 Reg AnneR P1320434 Copy   21 02 19 Reg Pete tQ2P7sA4 Copy                                                                                      Royal Spoonbill                                                 Egret                                                            Pelicans

The walk continued around the lake, the entrance itself, Blue Bay,( where we lunched ) Toowoon Bay, and the rocky headlands.

                                         21 02 19 Reg Pete p0m LTjY Copy  21 02 19 Reg Pete tt81JvKg Copy


                                 21 02 19 Reg Pete L WzWo30 Copy     21 02 19 Reg Pete 0GkJuUz8 Copy   21 02 19 Reg Pete 4b7Pl46E Copy


                                                 21 02 19 Reg AnneR Copy   21 02 19 Reg DonWo beach visitors Copy                                                                                                            Beach walking                                                                         Beach visitors                                                                   

The sun saved itself for the final ascent up the sand to the steps back to the cars.

21 02 19 Reg DonWo sand surf and storm clouds

Coffee was enjoyed at Shelley Beach Surf Club, where we met up with the Plus group, still to complete their walk.

21 02 19 Reg DonWo welcome coffee after

Elaine and Mary were joined by Sue B, Susan, Annette Elp, Vivienne, Anne G, Dawn, Wendy P, Pragati, Bella and Peter, Barbara R, David R, Anne R, Lyn, Don Wa, Don Wo.

Sue B. acted as First Aider, Barbara R as tail ender.

Report: Elaine

Photos: Don Wo (13,14,15 ), Pete (1,2,6,7,8,9,10,11 ), Anne R (3,4,5,12 )

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