Jan-Jun 2021

Sixteen walkers met at Waverton Station for our walk to Wendy’s Garden.  First we went to the lower level of Waverton Park, where Land had been reclaimed from mudflats in Berry’s Bay.  We then headed to Sawmillers Reserve for morning tea.  This land was the site of Eaton’s Sawmill.  It was saved from development and purchased by North Sydney Council for a Park in the 1970s.  

We admired many old houses as we walked along the North Sydney streets.  At Blues Point (named after convict Billy Blue who was granted land in this area) we went past the infamous tower.  From the point there were excellent views of the city and the harbour.  We also saw the worksite for the construction of the metro line from Chatswood to Bankstown, which goes under the harbour to Barangaroo.

We walked past an old slipway and the site of the old Lavender Bay baths to Wendy’s Garden where we had lunch.  This garden was built by Wendy Whiteley on railway land.  It is now maintained by the council and volunteers.

After lunch we went along the edge of the harbour on the “Comic Walk”, admiring the sculptures along the way.  After walking past Luna Park and the Olympic Pool, where had coffee at the Altitude Cafe at Milsons Point before catching the train home.

2021 03 05 EZYWalk Robyn Felix                                                                                                   The famous Felix the Cat on the walk
2021 03 05 EZYWalk Lyndy Slipway2021 03 05 EZYWalk Lyndy Group
                                       In the beginning...............                                                                                                  Early slipway used for cargo
2021 03 05 EZYWalk Kevin Bridge                                                                                                    Beautiful Sydney Harbour
2021 03 05 EZYWalk Lyndy Lunch with Ficus                                                                                                                  Lunch with Ficus!!!!!                                          

Walkers were Sue B, Aileen, Andy, Cherry, Bill McD, Dawn, John M, Rex, Jan, Dennis, Kevin and Rosemary, David W-G and Tuka N; led by Robyn Mi and Lyndy.

Words by Robyn MI

Photos by Robyn MI (1), Lyndy (2,3,5), Kevin (4),

S5 Box