Jan-Jun 2021

Once again a dire weather forecast threatened to spoil the day but thankfully it was again wrong. The day was partly overcast with a few short light showers, periods of sunshine followed by a high level of humidity but nothing to spoil our day.

Thirteen walkers started the climb from North Narrabeen across the reserve above Narrabeen Aquatic Reserve to Turimetta Head with views towards Mona Vale Headland. From there we descended to Warriewood Beach followed by another climb to the Mona Vale Golf Course and on to the Mona Vale Beach Reserve for morning tea.

2021 03 12 Plus Hazel P11803342021 03 12 Plus Hazel P1180330
We started our walk along the Pelican Path in North Narrabeen, climbed up the steps and looked back to view the calm waters of Narrabeen Lagoon
2021 03 12 PlusWalk Deidre TurimettaBeachandHeadland 085932                                                                           Turimetta Beach Headland

2021 03 12 Plus Hazel P11803432021 03 12 Plus Barbara C 20210312 085800 Small                               Wild weather and sea as we approached Warriwood Beach and at the lookout over the beach
2021 03 12 PlusWalk Deidre morningtea 1008192021 03 12 Plus Wendy C cid 35B1291C 4871 4A2B A604 6CF9F3150272                                      


Morning Tea at Mona Vale and "friends"wating for the group to finsh and pick up a few crumbs

We continued, this time accompanied by some rain, to climb the Mona Vale Headland with views back towards Narrabeen and forward towards Newport. Below us was Bungan Beach and we could clearly see the challenge ahead as the next stage, going down to the Beach and back up, is quite strenuous. The group therefore split into two, with the hardier or more foolish taking on the challenge and the wiser staying on level ground and meeting their fellow walkers once again on Bungan Road above the Betty Morrison Reserve. From there it was a reasonably easy walk at street level down to Newport Beach.
2021 03 12 Plus Hazel P11803482021 03 12 Plus Hazel P1180346
   John M converses with a local a Basin Beach (left) and sign on climb up to North Mona Vale
   Headland Reserve

2021 03 12 Plus Barbara C 20210312 104117 Large                                                                                       Panoramic vew from Mona Vale Headland Reserve

After a brief rest stop we continued to climb back up over the ridge and then back down to Bilgola Beach. From there we trekked across the beach towards the final steep climb from beach level to The Serpentine, a road leading to Bilgola Head with views all the way south to North Head and Avalon, finally in sight, in the other direction. As time was moving on we quickly finished our walk descending to Avalon Beach to a well-deserved, although a little late, lunch. After lunch we took the bus back to our cars and finished the day in a coffee shop across from the car park. 

2021 03 12 Plus Helen A IMG 2653 Medium Small2021 03 12 Plus Hazel P1180354                      Attractive garden heading down to Newport Beach.    Bilgola Beach
2021 03 12 Plus Hazel P1180359                                                               The walkers at Bilgola Head Lookout and lunch at Avalon Beach (below)
2019 03 22 Reg Susan P1090932 22021 03 12 Plus Wendy C cid 9B28C95F 3F19 408E A7EB C9F0D5C7D51C
The disintegrating Avalon Beach Headland, March 2019 (left) and on our walk (right)

                                 Lunch at Avalon Beach (right)2021 03 12 PlusWalk Deidre Lunch 130034 3





Leaders: Kurt and Bert led eleven others,Helen A, John D'C, Barbara C(tail end), Wendy C, Elaine, Diana, Kas John M, Hazel, Deidre (first aid) and Cleona.

 Photos: Helen A (11), Barbara C (5,10),Susan C(14), Wendy(7,15) Hazel (1,2,4,7,8,9,12,13), Deidre (3,6,16)

Words: Kurt

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