Jan-Jun 2021

2021 04 09 EZYReg ChristineM viewfrommorningteaspot 101204 2With the promise of a warm sunny autumn day and no HVB walks for four weeks, forty five walkers decided it was a perfect day for this picturesque harbour- side walk. A short ferry trip across the harbour took us to Kurraba Point wharf where the briefing took place. The walkers had been divided into two groups with the first group setting out for Kurraba Point Reserve for our morning tea spot with the second group not far behind. A little history of the Aboriginal culture of this area:  Prior to the arrival of the First Fleet, the area in which Kurraba Point is situated was inhabited by the Cam-mer-ray-gal Group of the Ku-ring-gai Aboriginal Tribe. The group which inhabited the north shore of Port Jackson was one of the largest in the Sydney area. The name “Karraba” or “Kurraba” is of Aboriginal derivation and thought to mean “good fishing place”.
2021 04 09 EZYReg Pete briefing P1050830 22021 04 09 EZYReg Pete CircularQuayP1050818 4
                          HVB made quite a statement at Circular Quay!                                                                                          Briefing  -  Group 1 to the left and Group 2 to the right
2021 04 09 EZYReg Deidre morningtea 1010272021 04 09 EZYReg DonWo challenges started early
                                                   Challenges started early                                                                                                                                          Morning tea
After morning tea, the two groups set off for Cremorne Point Reserve and historic Robertson Point Lighthouse admiring wonderful harbour views and points of interest along the way. Cremorne was named after the Cremorne Gardens in London a popular pleasure ground in England which derives from Gaelic words meaning ‘boundary’ and ‘chieftain’. Robertsons Point was named after James Robertson who was granted 35 hectares there in 1820. He was the father of Premier Sir John Robertson.
2021 04 09 EZYReg Pauline harbourbridge IMG 66602021 04 09 EZYR AnneR Nutcote P1320968
              Nutcote (Mae Gibbs' home) cream house on left, the film "They're A Weird Mob" was based in house on right.......and one of the many beautiful harbour views
    2021 04 09 EZYReg HelenA 1127 Cremorne Birthday Lunch    2021 04 09 EZYReg HelenA 1121 Cremorne Harbour Pool
There were three young (possibly late high school) girls giving a fourth girl a birthday lunch and a young swimmer coming away from the pool said 'the water is a bit nippy'!
2021 04 09 EZYReg Pauline harbour IMG 6661   2021 04 09 EZYReg Pete LeaderDe P1050835 2   2021 04 09 EZYReg Pete OperaHouse P1050843 2
Leaving Cremorne Point Reserve, the two groups continued on around the western side of Mosman Bay to Harnett Park where both groups stopped for lunch.  
2021 04 09 EZYReg Pete trees P1050848 22021 04 09 EZYReg ChristineM homes 120202 22021 04 09 EZYReg ChristineM walkersontrack 120053 2  
It was a short walk to Mosman Bay Wharf where sixteen walkers left the group and with two walkers having previously left the group at Cremorne Wharf, we were now one group of twenty seven walkers who took the option to continue the walk via Little Sirius Cove to Taronga Wharf.
2021 04 09 EZYReg DonWo Group above sirius cove2021 04 09 EZYReg Deidre CurraghbeenaPointLookout 130502
                  A short detour to Curraghbeena Point Lookout                                                                                                        Group above Sirius Cove                                                                2021 04 09 EZYReg SusanC IMG 6133 2        2021 04 09 EZYReg SusanC LittleSiriusCove IMG 6132 2                                        2021 04 09 EZYReg SusanC Artistperspective IMG 6135     2021 04 09 EXYReg AnneR SiriusCove P1320977                                                                                      An Artist's Perspective                                                                                   An idyllic afternoon at Little Sirius Cove                                                                     
2021 04 09 EZYReg DonWo elegant oldie lores    2021 04 09 EZYReg WendyP MartinandKurtenjoyingtheview IMG 4033
                                  Elegant Oldie Lores                                                                                          Martin and Kurt taking in the view
The harbour was bathed in sunshine for our ferry trip back to Circular Quay. Some walkers dispersed in all directions heading for home while a small group enjoyed refreshments at Gateway. A delightful end to a very happy day!
2021 04 09 EZYReg Deidre coffee 144441 2
.......and some lovely memories Anne R shared with the walkers. Anne R had grown up in the house next to Nutcote, Mae Gibbs’ home. Mae Gibbs had two small Scottie dogs. The dogs were not so much exercised as free in the garden while she gardened! When Mae Gibbs passed away, my mother purchased various things when the house contents were auctioned off. When Nutcote became a museum we donated some of it back to the museum - it wasn't just furniture.

Bert and Deidre led Helen A, Susan C, David C, Tim, Annette Ell, Annette Elp, Lawrie, Michael and Sue, Martin, Rosie, Aileen, Cherry, Lyndy, Diana, Christine M, Bill M and Daryl Shurin (Carer), Dawn, Robyn Ma, Lydia, John M, Robyn and Rex, Margaret P, Elizabeth, Wendy P, Pete and Bella, David R, Anne R, Kurt, Vreni, Kevin and Rosemary, Lyn, Cleona, Pauline, Don Wa, Don Wo and three visitors (David S, Theresa and David). A very BIG ‘thank you’ to Kurt who co-lead with Bert (Group 1) and Annette Elp who co-lead with Deidre (Group 2) and to Michael (Tail End Charlie Group 1) and Helen A (Tail End Charlie Group 2) with Tim and Don Wo also assisting in Group 2.
First Aiders: Group 1 - Anne R and Lyndy and Group 2 - Christine M and Don Wo….Thank you!

Words by Deidre

Photos by Christine (1, 13, 15), Pete (2, 3, 11, 12, 14), Don Wo (4, 17, 22), Deidre (5, 16), Anne R (6 and words, 21), Pauline (7, 10), Helen A (8, 9 and words), Susan C (18-20), Wendy P (23) and (24 taken on Deidre's phone)

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