Jan-Jun 2021

Despite one of the leader’s ambiguous directions to the start point, 42 walkers took part in the new Regular walk around North Turramurra.
The weather was perfect for walking: sunny with a temperature in the low 20s.  The track conditions were good, although sometimes rubbly, & the creek crossings either dry or with very shallow water.

2021 04 16 Reg Pete R P10600342021 04 16 Reg Don Wo leader at work
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Leader At Work

The route took us down Lovers Jump Creek, on the western side of the North Turramurra peninsula, crossing the creek twice before climbing up to the Gwydir Ave trackhead, where morning tea was a welcome respite after some steep uphill sections.

2021 04 16 Regular Helen A 20210416 1122452021 04 16 Reg Pete R P1060057
                                            Last brick on the right courtesy of leader Michael.

2021 04 16 Regular Helen A 20210416 1009442021 04 16 Reg Pete R P1060048
                                                             At Morning Tea

Some road walking followed to the comfort stop at the newly-refurbished North Turramurra playing fields and then down Glengarry St & the Glengarry Track,
crossing Dharri Creek to the junction with the Dharri Creek track on the eastern side of the peninsula.

2021 04 16 Reg Don Wo lovely bush
                                                                                                                                      Lovely Bush

2021 04 16 Reg Don Wo along a firetrail2021 04 16 Reg Don Wo photo op stop
                                          Along A Fire Trail                                                                                                                         Photo Op Stop

The Dharri Creek Track was followed upstream, with yet another creek crossing, to the lunch spot just short of the Marlborough St , St Ives, trackhead.

2021 04 16 Reg Pete R P10600632021 04 16 Reg Pete R P1060051

Highlights were the magnificent Tibouchinas lining the driveway to the Golf Course & playing fields, a fleeting/fleeing sighting of a Lyrebird by some in Group 1 near the morning tea spot and a sighting of a little Wren by some in group 2 near the lunch spot.   Happily, the leaches which had been observed at the lunch spot on the recce, kept to themselves, as did a black snake observed beside the track the day before the walk!


2021 04 16 Reg Pete R P1060059


  2021 04 16 Regular Helen A 20210416 1120382021 04 16 Reg Pete R gps2021 04 16 Reg Pete R P1060046     
2021 04 16 Regular Helen A 20210416 1124592021 04 16 Reg Don Wo down a firetrail
                                  Best group we met on the track                                                                                         

The final section entailed walking out at the Bedford Ave, North Turramurra, trackhead, followed by a little more road walking back to the start point. Walkers then either walked on or drove the few hundred metres to the coffee stop at the North Turramurra shops.

2021 04 16 Reg Pete R P1060053


 This report cannot be closed without special mention of a certain walker’s new Frog/Toe Sneakers, which were a huge novelty to everyone, and which apparently proved able to cope well with the rubbly parts of the track.

2021 04 16 Reg Pete R P10600322021 04 16 Reg Don Wo plaque minder
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Plaque Minder


 This was a new walk for HVB and elicited positive feedback from all the walkers who commented

The large group was split into 2 smaller ones – a faster set, under the leadership of Wendy & Christine, and a more sedate one, led by Michael & Sue
Heartfelt thanks go to Wendy & Christine for stepping in to lead Group 1, to the First Aiders (Anne G & Lyndy) and to the Tail Enders (Martin & John G).

The walkers were
Group 1: Wendy & Christine (Leaders), Helen A, Bronwen, Rhondda, Elaine, Anne G, Judy, Martin, Rosie, Cherry, Bill McD & Daryl, Bert, Pragati, Anne R, Kurt, Lyn T and first time visitors Bruce & Georgina.
Group 2: Michael & Sue (Leaders), Sue B, David C, Tim & Lydia, Annette E, Vivienne, John & Ros G, Sue & Andy K, Lyndy, John M, Margaret, Pete & Bella, David R, Pauline, Don Wa, & Don Wo.

Photos By:  Don Wo (2,7,8,9,20 ), Helen A (3,5,13,16), Pete R (1,4,6,10,11,12,14,15,17,18,19 ).

Words By:  Michael & Sue


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