Jan-Jun 2021

28 walkers met in Nelson Rd, Killara outside the Wombin Reserve. The circuit walk followed a series of bush tracks with steps and some challenging short rock scrambles. Starting in Wombin Reserve, we follo_w a track beside a small creek to Swain Gardens, an English garden with a maze of paths, surrounded by bushland. After walking through the Gardens, we stepped over a small wall and followed a faint bush track down through Seven Little Australians Reserve, named after the book, whose author, Ethel Turner, lived in Lindfield as she was writing it.

                                   2021 05 28 Reg Louis 1                          2021 05 28 Reg Louis 2                                                                                                                 At the start                                                                                                       Swain Gardens

                                                          2021 05 28 Reg Lyndy 4                        2021 05 28 Reg ChrisMcA 095211 2                                                                                                                 The track down from Swain Gardens                                                           The tunnel under Arterial Road

We followed the Two Creeks Track, down a long set of wooden steps, crossing Gordon Creek, up many steps and winding uphill to the intersection with Barrie Rd Track near where we had morning tea.

                             2021 05 28 Reg HelenA 102425 MTea2  2021 05 28 Reg HelenA 102546 MTea5  2021 05 28 Reg HelenA 102634 MTea6

After crossing Gordon Creek we followed further uphill to a pipe bridge which was used to cross Gordon Creek before demolition in 2008.

       2021 05 28 Reg ChrisMcA 104023 22021 05 28 Reg Louis42021 05 28 Reg VisitorRobyn 03                                       Crossing Gordon Creek                                                                       The Barrie St steps                                            Gordon Creek

After descending to Middle Harbour creek we walked through mangroves before scrambling up more rocks, following a mostly level path through forest, then more steep rock climbing to have lunch overlooking the valley.

           2021 05 28 Reg VisitorRobyn 06 2021 05 28 Reg Louis6 2021 05 28 Reg ChrisMcA 114144 2                                                                                                         Views along Middle Harbour Creek

       2021 05 28 Reg Louis52021 05 28 Reg VisitorRobyn 052021 05 28 Reg HelenA 114424a 
                                                                                                           Steep rock climbing

                                 2021 05 28 Reg Anne RP1330041 2021 05 28 Reg Lyndy 2                                                                                                         The final climb up                                                                                 Margaret found the final climb hot work!

We then followed a wide management bush trail behind houses to Koola Avenue. After exiting onto Koola Avenue a street walk took us to coffee in East Killara shops, then back to the cars in Nelson Rd.
A walk through lovely bushland in the urban fringe which challenged our knees and calves negotiating up and down steps and rocks.

Participants: Helen A, Nick B, Don B, Sue B, Susan C, Rhondda, Annette Ell, Michael and Sue, Judy, Mary, Lyndy, Diana, Chris McA, Bill McD, Dawn, Robyn Ma, Margaret P, Wendy P, Guenter, Nick S, Lyn, Lois,
Visitors: Phyllis, Robyn W, Tuks
Leaders: Anne R, Anne G
Words: Anne G                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Photos: Anne R (17), Chris McA (4,8,13, Helen (5,6,7,16), Louis (1,2,9,12,14), Lyndy (3,18), Robyn W (10,11,15)

S5 Box