Jan-Jun 2021


2021 06 04 EZY Lyndy Boarding the Bus bWe were blessed with good weather for this walk as it had rained the day before.  Nine walkers made their way from Ulmarra Place East Lindfield down many steps to the Two Creeks Track.  This part of the track follows Middle Harbour Creek.

We walked through the Roseville Park area which was used as an engineers training school in World War I.  Morning tea was near this location on some old sandstone steps.

We continued to the Roseville Bridge area.  The old bridge was built in 1924 and the new bridge in 1961.  Lunch was at the site of the old Roseville Baths (opened 1924, closed 1974). 

After lunch we walked to Echo Point Park and had coffee at Echo Point Marina.  We then walked back to the park and up Babbage Road to catch the bus back to Chatswood at Warringah Road.

At left: Catching the bus

2021 06 04 EZY Georgina IMG 4004                                                                                                    The Two Creeks Track

2021 06 04 EZY Lyndy life will find a way to hang on2021 06 04 EZY RobynMi IMG 0111
                           'Life will find a way to hang on     ....                           and walkers trust the rock keeps hanging on

2021 06 04 EZY RobynMi IMG 0117 2021 06 04 EZY RobynMi IMG 0116
                  'When's Morning Tea? I'll come out then' - John M                     We hope John was out and at the other table.

2021 06 04 EZY RobynMi IMG 0113For the record -

Leaders: Robyn Mi and Lyndy
And: Rex, Barrie, John M and visitors Georgina and Bruce, Chris and Ute

Lyndy was First Aider, Barrie Tail-end Charlie.W

Words: Robyn

Photos: Lyndy 1,3; Georgina 2; Robyn 4-7.

On the right: Chris and engrossed listeners

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