Jan-Jun 2021

Eleven walkers set out on this perfect winter's day for a new circuit walk in Garigal National Park. Starting at Acron Oval we headed towards the Cascades, turning off onto the Bare Creek Track & then the Heath Track up to the top of the hill near the Belrose Microwave Tower. From here we headed out on a fire trail to the Rocky Hill Lookout for morning tea. Three of our group waited at the first vantage point while the rest of us went to the top of Rocky Hill where we had great views towards the city at one spot & over the valley towards St Ives at the other.

Retracing our steps, we then headed through some suburban streets of Belrose before joining the Frenchs Creek track back to the Cascades for lunch. Frenchs Creek track winds downhill beside the creek & is a pretty bush track along a fern filled glen.
Lunch beside the Cascades in the sun was very pleasant before going back up the hill to our cars at the Oval.
We enjoyed a relaxing coffee break at Pattinsons before heading home.

2021 06 18 plus Hazel P1190160
                                                   The whole group at The Cascades, as we left our lunch spot

2021 06 18 plus Hazel P11901012021 06 18 plus Hazel P11901152021 06 18 plus Hazel P1190140
Banksia Flowers Provided Lots Of Colour        A Small Pea Flower - Rocky Hill Lookout                             Fungi - French's Creek Track 

2021 06 18 plus Hazel P1190106
          The Distant City Skyline Seen On The Way To Morning Tea                                                                Ambling Along The Track

                                                                                                                        Morning Tea     

 2021 06 18 plus Hazel P11901282021 06 18 PlusWalk Deidre viewacrosstoStIvesfromRockyHillLookout 105449 3
                                      Rocky Hill Lookout                                                                                  View Across To St Ives From Rocky Hill Lookout

2021 06 18 plus Sue S 20210618 1121102021 06 18 plus Sue S 20210618 112308 resized2021 06 18 plus Sue S 20210618 112329 01                               2021 06 18 plus Sue S 20210618 160149                  
                a                                                    b                                             c                                               d                                                                      e
2021 06 18 plus Sue S 20210618 160551
                    f                                                  g                                                              h                                                                                       i
a: Pultenaea Pultenaea stipularis      b: Native Fuchsia Epacris longiflora     c: Bushy Needlebush Hakea sericea     d: Grevillea speciosa
e:  Black-eyed Susan Tetratheca ericifolia    f: False sarsaparilla Hardenbergia violacea    g: Dillwynia serica      h:  Wattle    i:   Leptospermum lanigerum

                          Approaching The Cascades For Lunch                                                                                                    The Cascades

2021 06 18 PlusWalk Deidre lunchCascades 125154
                                                                                Lunch At The Cascades

                               2021 06 18 plus Sue S 20210618 172834
                                                 Creek Crossing                                                     Kurt carefully demonstrates his useful walk App


Thank you to all the walkers who joined me;
They were Wendy C, Martin, Hazel, Pragati, Kurt, Vreni, Nick S, Sue S, Deidre & Cleona.    Thanks also Deidre for being the first aider & Martin our tail end Charlie.
Sorry you weren't able to join us Mary -we missed you.

Photographs by   :   Deidre (9,12 ),  Hazel (1,2,3,4,5.8), Sue S (14, Flowers:a,b,c,e,f), Wendy (6,7,9,10,11,12,13 Flowers:d,g,h,i)
Words by Leader:   Celia

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