22 walkers assembled at Thornleigh station and set out on a nice, clear day.

2021 06 18 Reg HelenA 20210618 085054 resized
                                                              At the 'Curl the Whisker Cafe', leader Christine signs on walkers.

After crossing Thornleigh Oval we headed down onto the Great North Walk into the Lane Cove Valley.

We went through a small sandstone pass called ‘Conscript Pass’. 
During the 1930’s some stone steps were built through a cleft in the rock as part of the public works program, in response to the depression.  We observed some engravings – a series of initials and numbers on one rock & on another rock wall was engraved ‘B Stevens’ followed by a good caricature of him – the then premier of NSW, - ‘Bertram Stevens’ (later knighted) who replaced Jack Lang in 1932 as premier of NSW when Lang was dismissed by the Governor (just 2 months after opening the Sydney Harbour Bridge.)

2021 06 18 Reg 0943 DonWo Pfirst descent2021 06 18 Reg Louis 2
                                                                 The ravages of time have not been kind to this story of Bertam Stevens ...  

We traversed numerous creek crossings, stony tracks & saw lush, ferny vegetation along the river.

2021 06 18 Reg HelenA 20210618 094707 resized2021 06 18 Reg Louis 3
                                                                                                   ' Creek crossings and stony tracks'

2021 06 18 Reg Lyndy 12021 06 18 Reg 1314 DonWo all lined up
                                                                      The tail-enders - 'Four Musketeers' says Lyndy; and the leaders.

2021 06 18 Reg 1116 DonWo Browns waterhole2021 06 18 Reg Lyndy 22021 06 18 Reg Louis 4
                                                                                          'Lush, ferny vegetation along the river'

Large rock ledges made a scenic lunch spot, overlooking the bush and we could spy a small waterfall.

2021 06 18 Reg HelenA 20210618 095845 resized2021 06 18 Reg 1206 DonWo lunch
                                                                                             Morning tea on the track; and a scenic lunch.

We were excited to see two yellow-tailed black cockatoos who posed for us and followed us for a short while.
After crossing De Burghs Bridge we walked on to Eden Gardens where we all enjoyed well deserved hot drinks!  We finished the walk there & some caught buses, while others headed for the Macquarie Park Metro.  

A delightful bunch of happy walkers!

2021 06 18 Reg Louis MapLeaders – Christine & Wendy P
Walkers – Helen A, Nick B, Don B, Rhondda, Lydia & Tim, Annette Ell, Sue & Mike, Cherry, Lyndy, John M, Elizabeth,  David and Theresa, Lyn, Louis, Pauline, Don Wo & Phyllis
First Aiders – Lyndy assisted by Elizabeth
Tail end Charlie – Don B

For the record: Words by Christine, Photos-Don Wo 2, 7, 8,12; Louis 3, 5,10,13; Helen A 1, 4,11; Lyndy 6, 9.

2021 06 18 Reg Betram Stevens twiceA footnote:
The 'real' Sir Bertram Stevens and his image on Sydney sandstone.
Photos: Public Domain,Wildwalks.