Congratulations to the leaders of this walk, who showed up on time and ready to walk. They were not put off by persistent rain, a flooded-out meeting place, or absence of any other walkers, and set off on a modified route. Even that was curtailed by a raging torrent in a (usually small or dry) tributary to the Lane Cove River. Wendy has sent the following text, anad some photos to highlight the conditions. (Ed,)

"The leaders arrived willing and suitably ensconced in wet weather gear, but it seems that everyone else had better ideas on how to spend a wet  day. Rather than waste the effort of getting all kitted up, we took a shorter walk around Lane Cove NP, being forced to turn back eventually by our inability to cross the raging torrent that the river had become  near De Burgh’s Bridge.We were surprised to see many water dragons on the track, some interesting fungi, some unexpected waterfalls and very few other walkers. Unfortunately, the cafe had closed early due to lack of patronage on a wet day, but we visited Jenkins Cottage and saw a powerful owl (stuffed)."

Leaders: Hazel and Wendy C

Walkers: Nil

Photos: Wendy  2022 2 25 Plus Wendy C IMG 0080                                                                                                                 The meeting area was flooded

                                                                                    2022 2 25 Plus Wendy C IMG 0082                               2022 2 25 Plus Wendy C IMG 0093                                                                                                                                                                                               Bright fungi provided a rare splash of colour


                                                                     2022 2 25 Plus Wendy C IMG 0089                                                 2022 2 25 Plus Wendy C IMG 0090                                                                                                                       Rain  or waterfall?                                                                                    The last straw, that terminated progress