The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) forecast for Friday was for 80% chance of showers and a thunderstorm.

This was probably the reason for only seven walkers setting out along the Koolewong track to the view overlooking Broken Bay.

This looked magnificent in the stormy weather. 


2022 02 25 Reg Louis P2251149

.2022 02 25 Reg Louis 2251164


After morning tea, we made for the Red Hands Cave Rock Art and then along the track towards Resolute Bay.

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We now started to encounter showers and parts of the track were flooded.

We all eventually arrived at West Head which has a great view of Lion island and beyond. 

As one of our walkers was talking to the birds and others had been attacked by leaches, we felt that it was time to return to the cars and a coffee together at Terry Hills

 It was great to get outside, meet up with old friends again and have some fun after all the poor weather and Covid lockdowns

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The seven walkers were: Nick B, Don B, Martin, Rosie, Lyndy, Elizabeth, and Louis.

Words: Nick B

Photos: Louis