On a beautiful sunny morning, 17 members assembled at the car park of George Christie Playing Field joined by one visitor.

2022 05 27 Reg Don Wo briefing  2022 05 27 Reg Don Wo turpentine forest                             

The group followed leader Don into nearby bush and along a few streets to the top of the fire trail leading into the Lane Cove River NP. Negotiating some muddy spots and a steep paved section we arrived at the Lane Cove River. Walking upstream on the Lane Cove Valley Walk, we crossed the river and up the valley to take the City View Track leading to the City View Lookout. There, all enjoyed the views and morning tea break.

2022 05 27 Reg Barbara C 20220527 093742  2022 05 27 Reg Don Wo crossing L C river
                                                       A creek or two to cross

2022_05_27-Reg-David_S-IMG_20220527_105036.jpg  2022 05 27 Reg Don Wo rock climbing
               Going my way?                               Some rock climbing

2022 05 27 Reg Margaret P 20220527 115545                                                                                                                      Gentleman Don

2022 05 27 Reg Louis P5271290  2022 05 27 Reg Louis P5271288
                                             Morning tea at City View Lookout

2022 05 27 Reg Barbara C 20220527 102051

 We then continued to Thornleigh Oval and along some streets to Parkway Plaza to cross the Comenarra Parkway at the traffic lights. Walking beside the Parkway down the hill to Coupes Creek, we entered into the SAN Wilderness. We walked along the north side of the creek, enjoying attractive bush and rocky outcrops, to come out onto Nanownie Avenue Normanhurst. Shortly we reached Philippa OLeary Park in Hinemoa Avenue to enjoy a pleasant lunch.

2022 05 27 Reg Don Wo lunch location  2022 05 27 Reg Don Wo mosaic detail
                Now for some lunch                                                     Mosaic in the park

Re-entering the SAN Wilderness, we crossed the creek and along the south side of the valley, past a small Bush Chapel, to emerge at the SAN car park and cross the Parkway at the traffic lights. Walking a little down the Parkway, we re-entered Lane Cove River NP to return to the start.

2022 05 27 Reg Louis P5271299                                                                                                The final creek crossing

It seemed that everyone enjoyed the walk.

Words: Louis

Leaders: Don B and Louis

Walkers: Barbara C, Rhondda, Anne G, Ros, Christine, Phyllis, Keith H, Margaret P, Elizabeth, Pragati, David S, Nick B, Pauline, Theresa, Don W and Carol

Photos: Barbara (3,10); David S (5); Don Wo (1,2,4,6,11,12); Louis (8,9,13,14); Margaret (7)