2022 06 03 Regular Don Wo morning tea view
Nineteen cheerful walkers met in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park ready for the Bairne track. It was good to see some people who had been absent for some time for various reasons.

2022 06 03 Regular Don Wo ready to go
We set off briskly down the fire trail hoping to keep warm and dry. There were some puddles to avoid but generally there was little in the way of difficulties.  Turning right after a couple of kilometres we headed towards a rocky outcrop overlooking Towlers Bay and Pittwater to the south. Despite the wonderful view, the cold weather did not encourage us to linger for long over our morning tea, so we returned along the track and took the Soldiers Point track where we had another fine view over Pittwater, this time looking northward with the Basin down to our left.
After lunch there, we returned to the cars along the Soldiers Point and Bairne tracks and, of course, headed for coffee at Terrey Hills.

2022 06 03 Regular Don Wo muddy trac          2022 06 03 Regular HelenA 095207 Renegade
                                                                     Muddy Track                                                                                                                      Renegade 

2022 06 03 Regular Louis P6031319          2022 06 03 Regular Margaret P Resized 20220603 102728 41948108428730
                                         Morning Tea
2022 06 03 Regular Don Wo mountain devil      2022 06 03 Regular Don Wo snake deceased
                          Mountain Devil                                                                                                          Deceased Snake

2022 06 03 Regular HelenA 113425 Lunch group 1                     2022 06 03 Regular HelenA 112307 Tree besties
                             Lunch Group

It was delightful to be able to walk with others in bushland admiring the clear distant view of hills and waterways, the formation of trees, the growth after rain and being able to appreciate the sight and smell of early wattle.

2022 06 03 Regular LouisKu Ring Gai Chase NP Bairne Track

2022 06 03 Regular Don Wo coffee in the cold

Walkers: Helen A, Nick B, Chris B, Don B, Susan C, Tim, Elaine, John and Ros, Bill and Daryl, Lydia, Rick, Margaret P, Drina, Louis and Don Wo.

Leaders: Dawn and Lyn

Words: Lyn

Photography: Don Wo (1,2,3,7,8,12), Helen A (4,9,10), Margaret P (6), Louis (5,11)