Seven of us set out from Thornleigh Station on a cool morning but with a perfect cloudless day. The walk is downhill along some streets before the Great North Walk track through the bush down to the Jungo.

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                                       Group photo at The Jungo                                                                                                  Why is this sign in these languages?

Just after The Jungo we left the Great Walk track and followed a fire trail up to the outskirts of Cherrybrook. As we climbed wquickly started do discard layers of clothing. Our route skirted the houses then turned east. We soon reached Refuge Rock, a large rocky area, where we had morning tea in the sun.

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                                                                                                           Morning tea at Refuge Rock 

A narrow slot in the rock marks the beginning of an indistinct and rough track down through the bush to Berowra Creek. 

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                                                                          The scramble down the rough track and then crossing Berowra Creek

From Berowra Creek it is only a short distance up to rejoin the Great North Walk. From there is tis easy going and the track had dried out well over the week or so of fine weather. We stopped for lunch at a rocky area overlooking the junction of Berowra and Waitara Creeks before the last descent down to cross Waitara Creek.

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                                Crossing Waitara Creek                                                                                                                     Rocks beside the Berowra Creek

After crossing the Waitara Creek the track follows Berowra Creek down to Fishponds and then uphill back towards Hornsby. Our walk ended with climbing the 330 Heritage Steps and coffee together at Brew Ha Ha in Hornsby.

Leaders: Peter T and Nick S.

Walkers: Louis, Rick, Kas, Jenny C, and we welcomed Leah as a new walker with HVB.

Photos: Louis (1, 3); Peter T (6, 7); Nick S (2, 4, 5, 8, 9)