2022 06 17 Regular Margaret P 114156
It was another blue sky day for a walk and the weather was very much appreciated!

Sixteen people boarded the Engadine train at Town Hall & Central & enjoyed the relaxing trip south.

2022 6 17 Regular Don Wo Briefing
The Audley track begins right at the station and undulates through low growth woodland on the ridges to medium & taller growth on the slopes & gullies. In some areas there was an abundance of gymea lilies and the crossings over small creeks were easy.

Morning tea was enjoyed literally on the track which provided a choice of stone seats.

2022 06 17 Regular Helen A 104116 MT group 1       2022 6 17 Regular Don Wo typical RNP bush
 Morning Tea

2022 06 17 Regular Barbara R P1232314 1854       2022 06 17 Regular Barbara R P1232314 1875
.    Engadine Creek                                                                                                                                                                                           Epacris

After a slightly more challenging & steep descent to Kangaroo Creek we enjoyed the picturesque valley with its cascading creeks & deep pools which are perfect for a swim on warmer days (though a brave woman was having a swim there when we did the recce last weekend!).

2022 06 17 Regular Helen A 114342 Kangaroo Creek         2022 6 17 Regular Don Wo leaders led us to lovely locality
. Kangaroo Creek                                                                                        The walk leaders at Kangaroo Creek

2022 06 17 Regular Barbara R P1232314 1868

The ascent from Kangaroo Creek is easy, first on several flights of metal stairs then on a moderate gradient track to the top of the ridge above the Kangaroo Creek cliffs and down to the junction with the Uloola Pools & Waterfall track which Plus walkers will do next month.

We continued the descent to the bridge crossing over the Hacking River (trying to avoid being in the wedding party’s photos) and to our enjoyable lunch stop at Audley with the luxury of picnic tables.

All that was left to do was to climb the Honeymoon Steps (not so hard!) to the old Audley railway station and then head to a Loftus café & the train.

Climbing up from Kangaroo Creek
2022 06 17 Regular Barbara R P1232314 1873.        2022 6 17 Regular Don Wo artwork by ogmograptus

It was a wonderful day with great company, the satisfaction of completing a slightly challenging walk & with constantly beautiful scenery.

Thanks to tail end Charlie, Don B & to first aid person, Keith H

The walkers: Pauline, Kurt, Don Wo, Don B, Cleona, Margaret P, Susan C, Helen A, Vivienne, Carol, Phyllis, Elizabeth, Keith H & Marilyn M led by Barbara & Kas
Walk Leaders: Barbara R and Kas
Words: Barbara R
Photography: Margaret P (1), Helen A (3, 7), Barbara R (5, 6, 9, 10, 11), Don Wo (2, 4, 8, 12)