A chilly morning greeted the twenty nine walkers as they arrived at the meeting place in the West Car Park Lizard Log entrance of the Western Sydney Parklands which covers 5280 hectares stretching over 27km and is home to more than 60km of tracks and trails. We last visited the parklands in June 2014 and proved to be a popular substitution for the programmed Cattai NP which for the third year we were unable to visit due to the temporary closure again of the Cattai NP from the recent floods.
2022 06 24 BBQ Don Wo waiting in the cold   2022 06 24 BBQ Don Wo reviver for madam pres 2
                                                                                         Waiting in the cold and a reviver for President Barbara               
Today’s pre BBQ walk was the Moonrise and Sugarloaf Loops on sealed and unsealed pathways walking past some of the Western Sydney Parkland’s most picturesque sites. We headed off passing the picnic shelters to the start of the Moonrise Loop crossing the Upper Canal which feeds into the Prospect Reservoir. The walk took us up to the trig and onto the memorial for Ginger Meggs who was an heroic kelpie sheepdog.
 2022 06 24 BBQ BarbaraR Johnatthetrig 234758256 MP2 2   2022 06 24 BBQ Don Wo most of us 2a
                                                                 Secretary John G at the Trig and most of us.......
2022 06 24 BBQ Don Wo seance  2022 06 24 BBQ Don Wo story of ginger meggs 2
                                                                                                  A seance and the story of "Ginger Meggs"
From the memorial we left the bush track joining the paved pathway to the Sugarloaf Loop track and much awaited morning tea.
2022 6 24 BBQ BarbaraR SugarloafLoop 005024837 MP2 2   2022 06 24 BBQ Louis Walkersatmorningteaspot    

           Walkers heading down the Sugarloaf Loop track to the morning tea spot and some of the walkers taking in the view
2022 06 24 BBQ Louis morningtea   2022 06 24 BBQ Don Wo morning tea 2

After morning tea we left the Sugarloaf Loop track to walk to The Knoll with views of both Sydney City and Western Sydney skylines. Disappointingly the views to the city and surrounds were hazy.

2022 06 24 BBQ Don Wo a walk in the park 2    2022 06 24 BBQ Don Wo lots of new houses 2
                  Walking track out to The Knoll                                                                                     Lots of new houses     
2022 06 13 WSPRecce Deidre cityskyline 110239 2                                                                                                 A clearer view of the City Skyline  -  Recce  -  13 June (Ed)
Returning to the Sugarloaf Loop we walked through a beautiful Grey Gum forest before reaching the Moonrise Loop and to the Pimelea Shelter for our BYO BBQ. We were welcomed by twelve HVB members who had already settled in and waiting for our return.
2022 06 24 BBQ SueS greygum 111803 resized   2022 06 24 BBQ SueS walkersingreygumforest 112105 resized 2   2022 06 24 BBQ SueS treeregeneration 112825 resized 1 2
    Walkers enjoying the beautiful Grey Gum forest Eucalyptus punctata         Interesting tree regeneration project by Greening Australia 
2022 06 24 BBQ SueS aroundthebbq 123439 resized 2     2022 06 24 BBQ Don Wo time for lunch                                                                                                                                               Happy walkers enjoying the BBQ
2022 06 24 BBQ SueS BBQfood 123555 resized 2  2022 06 24 BBQ Barbara Lunch 024625389 MP2

Chicken, quiche, steaks,salmon, barramundi, sausages.....what a feast!                                                                                                                               
2022 06 24 BBQ SueS PimeleaShelter 123327 resized 2                                                                                                                             Pimelea Shelter

President Barbara welcomed walkers and visitors with an especially warm welcome to the new members who were introduced to the group. Barbara thanked members on behalf of HVB for their ongoing efforts during the year.  Some more chatter then time to pack up....coffee was awaiting us.  Saluti Cafe by Novella was a great find and a very pleasant end to another great day out with HVB!
2022 06 24 BBQ Deidre CafeSaluti 141217 3

Deidre and Sue B assisted by SueS led Nick B, Don B, Ann D, Annette Ell, Michael, Anne G, John and Ros, Christine G, Carol, Cherry, Lyndy, Bill M, Dawn, Lydia, Elizabeth, Wendy P, Barbara R, David R, Vreni, Sue S, Lyn, Cleona, Louis, Pauline, Don Wo and Bill M’s Carer John S. Thank you to Don B (Tail End Charlie), First Aiders (Barbara R and Lyndy) and to Sue S for joining me on the recce.  Members who were also attending the BBQ were Aileen, Bert, Tim and Lydia, Mary, Steve, Pete and Bella, Kurt, Dennis and visitors Jan and Linda.

Words by Deidre

Photos Don Wo (1, 2, 4-6, 10-12, 18) Barbara R (3, 7,20), Louis (8, 9) Deidre (13, 22) Sue S (14-17, 19, 21)