Jan-Jun 2017

 Wyrrabalong South NP – Shelly Beach to Wyrrabalong Trig

Under threatening skies our small group of 6 walkers set out to explore the track from Shelley Beach to Wyrrabalong Trig.  It was a beautiful coastal walk which included some beach walking followed by a cliff top track, with stunning views, then an interesting forest walk before reaching our destination at the Trig Station. We enjoyed our morning tea break above Bateau Bay Beach then hiked up to Crackneck Point where the Plus Group caught up to us. With the skies still threatening we continued on to our lunch spot at the trig station. As we finished lunch the plus group arrived and we enjoyed another chat before retracing our steps back to the cars at Shelly Beach. With our walk almost completed the storm finally caught up with us and we spent the last 10 minutes trekking in blinding rain which resulted in 6 soaked walkers arriving for a well-earned coffee at Shelly Beach Surf Club.

storms chasing Shelley Beach

                                                                                                                          Storms chasing - Shelley Beach

group at Shelly Beach

                                                                                                                                  The group at Shelley Beach

The meeting of the groups

                                                                                                                               The meeting of the two groups

6 regular walkers – Barrie B, Don W., John G., Aileen J., and leaders Annette & David E.

Words by Annette

Photos by        1 Don W        2. David E      3 Anne R



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