Jan-Jun 2017

 26 walkers assembled at Stand L, Druitt St, CBD for the 10 minute M50 bus ride to Toelle St, Rozelle. The walk began at King George Park at the southern end of Toelle St. The route followed was:Waterfront walk past Balmain Shores & Balmain Cove, a street walk to Elkington Park, Balmain, a waterfront walk past Dawn Fraser Pool, then up steep wooden steps and along Gow St and then down steep stone steps to Hopetoun Quays and along the promenade to the eastern end for morning tea. After that it was back up steep steps to River St, then along Louisa Rd to Yulrubin Park and back to Birchgrove Park and then along Wharf Rd to Ballast Point Park for the lunch stop & optional exploration of the park. After lunch another waterfront walk to Morts Bay park, then wiggling through the streets to the Colgate site. Finally after further walking through the streets of Balmain, we eventually ended up at Darling St ferry walk.

Points of interest along the way were numerous, including the varied architecture of the houses, but especially the Balmain Colliery plaque at River St; the history of Nos 146 & 150 Louisa Rd, of Birchgrove Park, of Ballast Point Park & of Morts Bay Park; the 2 mounted ships’ propellers in the waterfront park near Gilchrist Place; the history of the Zig Zag Pathway at the end of Nicholson St and Nicholson St Public School, where Neville Wran was a pupil. A grey heron was spotted near the lunch area at Ballast Point Park and 2 brand-new catamaran ferries, not yet in service, were spotted at the ferry base at Morts Bay.The group took the 1.19pm ferry to Kiribilli and then walked to the coffee stop in Alfred St, Milsons Point (the Pompidour), after which individuals made their way to Milsons Point Station.

2017 06 02 Reg Don W leader orghanising his troppsin the morning 1                                                                                                           Leader Michael briefs the group before setting off
2017 06 02 Reg Christine McA 094538                                                                                                         The full group of twenty six with the Iron Cove Bridge in the background
2017 06 02 Reg Christine McA 095950 1                                                                                                       Looking back from Sommerville Point                                                                            
2017 06 02 Don W morning tea scattered groups2017 06 02 Reg Don W morning tea group
                                                                                                           The group dispersed to find a seat for morning tea
2017 06 02 Reg Don W stairway to neptune2017 06 02 Reg Don W king neptune 3
     Ascending the stairs past a carving of Neptune in the rock face                                                       ................... and Neptune close up
2017 06 02 Reg Christine McA 104555 1                                                                                                         passing the site of the old Balmain Colliery
2017 06 02 Reg Don W parking is short in balmain 1                                                                                                      Parking is obviously at a premium in Balmain !
2017 06 02 Reg Christine McA 1211212017 06 02 Reg Christine McA 120510
        The old site of Tank 101 at Ballast Point Park                                                                                        ...............with its twenty first century replacement
2017 06 02 Reg Christine McA 124806                                                                                                The Colgate Palmolive factory now recycled into luxury flats
2017 06 02 Reg Christine McA 130337 1                                                                Climb up, step down, turn left, turn right and thus onwards through the streets of Balmain2017 06 02 Reg Christine McA 114418                                                                                   Not too long now until the ferry to the coffee shop at Milson's Point !

Leaders Michael and Sue led twenty four other walkers: Ida, Margaret B, Barrie, Annette, John G, Mary, Aileen, Peter and Cherry, Chris McA, Bill McD, Lydia, Rex and Robyn, Bert, Marilyn, Wendy P, Kurt, Vreni, Rosemary and Kevin, Don W, and two visitors.

Words by Michael

Photos: Christine McA  (2,3,8,10,11,12,13,14,), Don W  (1,4,5,6,7,9)









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