Jan-Jun 2017

Five walkers, Robyn M, Claude, Margaret P, Annette and David E, gathered together at the original skyway car to commence the walk at Scenic World. We walked to the Katoomba Falls Lookout, where we had morning tea in the concrete cave, sheltered from the strong westerly wind. Next came a small detour via the road as they were rebuilding the track. At the next park we rejoined the track and walked around to Echo Point. We then followed the Three Sisters Walk around to the lookout at the top of the Giant Staircase.

We then rejoined the Prince Henry Cliff Walk. Walking was pleasant as we were sheltered from the wind. We had lunch at one of the many lookouts. Some of the wildflowers such as tea tree, wattle and banksia were blooming. The track took us through tree ferns and past a large hanging swamp and up to the road at the Solitary Cafe.

Next the track went to Fossil Rock, the Bridal Veil Falls Lookout and back to the carpark at Leura Cascades. We had coffee at the Conservation Hut beside a lovely, warm open fire.

2017 06 23 Reg 001 start at Scenic World'Robyn M, Claude (photographer) , Margaret P, David and Annette, gathered together at the original skyway car to commence the walk at Scenic World'

2017 06 23 Reg 004 Robyn       2017 06 23 Reg 005 Margaret
Two in front of the Skyway   ... Robyn M                                                                         and Margaret P

2017 06 23 Reg 006 Katoomba Falls                                                                                         'We walked to the Katoomba Falls Lookout'.

2017 06 23 Reg 008 Lone rockb   2017 06 23 Reg 024 looking at the big sister   2017 06 23 Reg 040 Fossil rock
Three rocks seen on the walk ... at 11.30 Lone Rock,              at 12.33 the big sister                                and at 14.37 the Fossil Rock.

2017 06 23 Reg 022 the 3 sisters

2017 06 23 Reg 014 tea tree flowers     2017 06 23 Reg 017 wattle
                                                           Prickly Tea-tree Leptospermum juniperinum and Sunshine Wattle Acacia terminalis

2017 06 23 Reg 026 banksia     2017 06 23 Reg 036 tree ferns
                                                                                        Hairpin Banksia Banksia spinulosa and Ferns

2017 06 23 Reg 032                                                                                    Chariot bleu: David wants to know what Claude has done this time.

2017 06 23 Reg 042 Bridal Veil Falls                                                    The Bridal Falls and then coffee in front of an open warm fire in the Conservation Hut.

For the record: Words by leader Robyn M.  Photos 1-3 by Claude and others by Robyn M.

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