A photographic record of the walk lead by Anne R and Anne G.

Twenty three walkers gathered at Smugglers Ridge turnoff parking area. Leader Anne R, blue hat on the right, spoke before everyone set off.
2015 10 02 Plus SueS IMG 1488a

Flowering Yellow Bloodwood, Corymbia. These only flower every 2-3 years. HVB walkers appear more frequently.
2015 10 02 Plus SueS IMG 1491b2015 10 02 Plus AnneG P1090551c

The descent of the Smugglers Ridge Track2015 10 02 Plus AnneG P1090552a


2015 10 02 Plus SueS IMG 1495a  Up and over. Some walkers with legs not so long chose
  to shimmy under the log.












Some balance.... some wade... some earnest and some relaxed across the tidal Marramarra Creek tributary.
2015 10 02 Plus SueS IMG 1499a2015 10 02 Plus HelenA 15b2015 10 02 Plus HelenA 17a

But without a doubt the award for the driest crossing went to a visiting walker-the only one with nary a drop on legs or shoes.

Some flowers on the way out along the Marramarra Firetrail
Yellow Dillwynia retorta - 'Mickey Mouse ears'                                                                Red Grevillea speciosa
2015 10 02 Plus SueS IMG 1501a2015 10 02 Plus SueS IMG 1505a
Yellow pea flower, Pultenaea
2015 10 02 Plus SueS IMG 1506b

Pink Wax flower, Eriostemon australaius                                                                                                White Conospermum longifolium
2015 10 02 Plus SueS IMG 1511a2015 10 02 Plus SueS IMG 1513b

A Lace Monitor escaped up an Angophera as we approached the top of the Marramarra Firetrail2015 10 02 Plus AnneG P1090553a


For the record Anne R and Anne G led Wendy, Bert,Dawn, John M, Don B, Pragati, Mary, Helen A, Kurt, Polly, Nick, John B, Sue S, Clive, Sheila, Christine C, Celia and three visitors.
Captions by Sue S. Photos by Sue S(9), Anne G (3) and Helen A (2).