Claude & Margaret Person led walkers Rex, Robyn, Elaine E, Lea, Faye, Rosemary W, Don W, Cherry, Peter and Jim. 14 starters – 12 finishers

After parking at the start of the Waratah Track in West Head Road and a short talk by Claude we set off in perfect weather - a beautiful 23 degree blue-sky day.
The walk is listed as 11km return however the track head sign reads 4km one-way. “Undulating firetrail” is an apt description of the terrain however there were quite a few mildly-challenging steep ascents and descents.
One rather unpleasant experience about 20 minutes into the walk saw two walkers (one a member and their carer as a casual) agree to turn back as the carer advised he had not been fully informed as to the nature of such a walk by his employer and was not prepared to continue. (A full report regarding this incident has been sent to the committee).
We continued on after the delay and were rewarded by many beautiful wildflowers including some brilliant Waratahs and and some interesting “honeycomb” rock formations.
Another mild incident occurred with one lady slipping and taking a fall on those pesky little rolling stones but she recovered well and only required a band-aid fix to the elbow.
Further on we were treated to some lovely distant views of Akuna Bay, Yeomans’ Creek and Coal and Candle Creek.

Lunch was a delight at the end of the trail sitting on rocks under the trees and keeping cool with a nice breeze overlooking a lovely view
of Cottage Point.
We returned to the cars via the same route but in the somewhat warmer climate by this time, all agreed there were definitely a few more hills to traverse than on the way out!
Coffee was very pleasant with great service at P’Neenies Cafe at Terry Hills Village.

Setting off behind Claude on an "Undulating firetrail"
2015 10 02 Reg MargP 01.09.17a
            and a view of the walkers as they face the camera during morning tea

2015 10 02 Reg MargP 01.08.20a


"Brilliant waratahs"

2015 10 02 Reg MargP 02.13.19a2015 10 02 Reg MargP 02.14.22a
2015 10 02 Reg MargP 02.14.49b"some interesting "honeycomb" rock formations"
2015 10 02 Reg MargP 02.08.20a
and there were other wild flowers: Yellow Drumstick, Isopogon anemonifolius; Pink Wax flower, Eristermon australasius
2015 10 02 Reg MargP 01.07.39a2015 10 02 Reg MargP 02.09.14a2015 10 02 Reg MargP 02.15.39a
"lovely distant views"
2015 10 02 Reg MargP 02.43.55a
                                                                                                                         Walkers ready for coffee
2015 10 02 Reg MargP 02.48.51a

Words and photos by Margaret P