Photographs from Darling Harbour and views of Barangaroo Reserve.

Walkers were baulked by barriers at the Southern end of Barangaroo. Leader Lyn explained Plan B: a walk around Cockle Bay and Pyrmont Bay.

2015 10 09 Soc-Ray DSCN4304a2015 10 09 Soc-Ray DSCN4303a


New high rise under construction - a view from the ground 2015 10 09 Soc Ray DSCN4308a

                                                                       A flight of fancy. What would the Ancient Mariners thought of their surrounds?2015 10 09 Soc Ray DSCN4331aTwo views of the Barangaroo Development. On the South still under development and on the North established and ready to mature.
2015 10 09 Soc-Ray DSCN4337a2015 10 09 Soc Ray DSCN4339a
And the walkers?
The usual breaks, M.T. was at King Street Wharf 7, lunch at Pyrmont Bay Wharf 7 and Happy Hour at 'Chocolat at the Quay' -50c off each capp 1400-1500
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2015 10 09 Soc Ray DSCN4315a2015 10 09 Soc Ray DSCN4343a
For the record, leaders Lyn and Helen S led Philip, Diana L, Pam, Kath, Dorothy, Joan, Liz, Kathy, Diana M, Pat U, Noel, Betty, Norma, Ray and one visitor. 17 in all.













Photos and guide by Ray.