"... a wander along this urban waterway that starts at Yagoona and flows generally eastwards for 23 km to Botany Bay adjacent to KSA."
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Trees growing naturally on the river and                                                          "Lovely avenue of trees alongside lower section of Cooks River"
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                                                                                          "Morning tea in Steel Park"
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"Coffee trailer at MT" and  "Waterplay"
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"The latest fashion statement, Ray?"
or perhaps higher ambitions: the French and Danish National football teams wear red socks

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"Heritage listed sandstone building - was the first sugar refinery in Australia, started in 1840s as Canterdury Sugar Works, company later morphed into CSR - raw sugar came from the Philippines. Building has been used for sugar refining/bacon and smallgoods factory (Huttons)/Furniture (Nick Scali) - fire in 1966/trendy apartments today."

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  "Brief history by Jim" and also "The leaders had notes from Jean A and Anne E from decades ago to supplement their knowledge"
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"Much t.l.c. was evident in the condition of the grassed areas/playgrounds/playing fields and except for the upper reaches towards Campsie the waterway was in pristine condition with healthy mangroves on each side. It has certainly improved since HV first did this walk decades ago."









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"Banana milkshake, Campsie Mall"
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For the record: Leaders Jim and Deidre were followed by Faye, Cherry, Sue K, Lea, Robyn M, Peter, Ros F, Ray, Rex and a visitor.
Photos by Ray (1, 4, 6, 7, 12-14) and Deidre (2, 3, 5, 8, 9-11, 15). Words and captions: Comic Sans Ms by Ray, Normal by Deidre, Italics by the editor.