Clive and Polly led Susan, John M, Don W, Don B, Bert, Elaine E, Judy, Maurice, Barbara, Wendy P, Deidre, Christine, Celia, Kurt, Wendy C and Sue S on this jaunt through parklands, bush, beach and streets from Artarmon to Balmoral.

From Artarmon Station we walked through Artarmon Reserve, ‘the bushland by the railway track’ so often seen from the train but previously unexplored by many of us. After posing in front of three gumnut sculptures for the first (of many) group photos, we continued on through Hallstrom Reserve to
Flat Rock Gully. Sadly, we did not pause at Henry Lawson’s Cave to recite a poem as neither of the leaders was aware of this particular HVB ‘tradition’.

Walking on the track down to and along Flat Rock Creek, it almost feels as if you are in the middle of the bush – a reminder of just how lucky we are to live in a city with so much nature at our fingertips. We emerged from the bush into Tunks Park, walking under Cammeray Bridge (formerly Northbridge) with its distinctive sandstone towers. Here Flat Rock Creek abruptly disappears from sight as it flows through concrete channels under Tunks Park and on into Long Bay. short walk along the street led us to Folly Point where we had morning tea surrounded by million dollar water views! Onwards through the
streetscapes of Cremorne and Mosman, we made our way to the next stretch of waterside bushland. Magnificent mansions, vibrant jacarandas and the intoxicating scent of star jasmine all deserve a special mention.

The ribbon of natural bushland stretching from just before Quakers Hat to Beauty Point and round to The Spit is an unexpected treat after finding so much of the foreshore privately owned and therefore inaccessible. High tide prevented us from having lunch on the rocks by the water where we
planned, so we settled instead for a suitably shady spot on the grass slightly further on beside Pearl Bay.

We took the high tide route from Spit Reserve along Parriwi Road, taking in the splendid view from the lighthouse looking across Middle Harbour and out through Sydney Heads. The retreating tide made for pleasantly firm walking along Chinamans Beach before ducking through the corner of Rosherville Reserve and on to Balmoral Beach. Here we enjoyed a coffee followed by a leisurely trip by bus back to Chatswood Station.

All in all, a most enjoyable escapade equally blessed by superb weather and convivial company!

Thank you everyone, and especially my co-leader Clive, for your part in making my first time in this role such a positive experience (even
if I did manage to ‘miss’ Quakers Hat and briefly lose track of some of the group).

                                     "Walking ... along Flat Rock Creek," with its natural beauty and wonderful retaining walls.2015 10 30 Plus Clive 1a. Flat Rrock Gully

                                                                                                              ".... walking under Cammeray Bridge (formerly Northbridge)"2015 10 30-Plus-Clive 2a. Cammeray Bridge






Morning tea at "Folly Point" where we had morning tea surrounded by million dollar water views!"
2015 10 30-Plus-SueS IMG 1750a2015 10 30-Plus-SueS IMG 1754a

And, in the "ribbon of natural bushland"  - Ribbed capsules of the Sydney Redgum Angophera costata and their flowers
2015 10 30 Plus SueS IMG 1763a2015 10 30 Plus SueS IMG 1764a

The group in front of Quakers Hat Bay2015 10 30 Plus Clive 3a. Quakers Hat Bay

....and Quakers Hat itself

 2015 10 30 Plus Clive 4a. Rock formation known as Quakers Hat

                                                                                                                                  The Spit Bridge opened

2015 10 30 Plus Clive 5a. Spit Bridge















 "Looking across Middle Harbour"2015 10 30 Plus DonW 7a. Beyond the heads

Towards the end... 'walking along Chinamans Beach"2015 10 30 Plus SueS IMG 1776a


Words by Polly, Photos by Clive(1-3, 7-9), Sue S (3-6, 11, 12) and Don W(10, 13).

Polly and Clive would particularly also like to thank all those other co-leaders who so ably assisted in the leadership of this walk. [Smiley face requested; coming soon.]

And speaking of Polly and Clive: A last two photos from the walk. Polly is reflective......         And Clive? He walks on water.

2015 10 30 Plus SueS IMG 1766b2015 10 30 Plus DonW 9a. he walks on water